Ten Reasons to Failure

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Ten Reasons to Failure


Ten reasons why you will fail with God.

1. If you are not interested, then that is the first reason why you will fail.

Are you interested in any of the other reasons?


2. You have not believed in Christ. No salvation, no relationship, no spiritual life, no God in your life.

Once you have believed in Christ then:

3. You do not confess your sins to God the Father, on a regular basis, and therefore are not in fellowship. No fellowship no active relative relationship with God.

4. You do not accept instruction by means of a daily Bible study. No study, no learning, no understanding, no spiritual growth, thus no advancement in your spiritual life.

5. Since you refuse to read, or study the Bible, then your beliefs are in error.  The Bible provides light.  No Bible information in your soul is like living in darkness, therefore you cannot know where you are or where you are going in life.

6. Lack of Bible doctrine in your soul, which you can only get through a daily study, then you will believe most anything. And unfortunately, your beliefs will always be wrong. Repeat, always.

7. The lack of doctrine in your soul means that you will follow the workings of the world. You will conform to the world. You will act just like everyone else.

8. You will create your own beliefs, and presume that what you believe, is correct.

9. Lack of doctrine, means no understanding, no wisdom, and you will drift further and further away from truth, all the while believing that you are doing the right thing.

10. Failure to confess, failure to engage in a daily study (by instruction), will, repeat will, result in your shallowness of life, disinterest in digging further to discover truth, your tendency to do very little, and again presuming that what you are doing is right, never realizing that you are and have been totally wrong, completely lacking any understanding of Gods will, Gods plan, and how the spiritual life works.

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