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Romans 7:8

Is Sin Separate From or a Part of, Man


8 But [de] sin [hamartia], taking [lambano] occasion [aphorme] by [dia] the commandment [entole], wrought [katergazomai] in [en] me [emoi] all manner of [pas] concupiscence [epithumia]. For [gar] without [choris] the law [nomos] sin [hamartia] was dead [nekros].   KJV-Interlinear


8 But sin, seizing an opportunity through the commandment, produced in me all kinds of covetousness. For apart from the law, sin lies dead.  ESV

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Sin taking occasion, brings into view the exciting nature of sin. The effect on the mind has to do with the nature of the object which caused the excitement, which led to the sin. In other words the opportunity to have something or do something, causes the excitement, which brings the heart into action, and thus committing the sin.

By the commandment, refers to the law that was appointed to restrain and control the mind.

But what occurs in the human mind, is the unlawful desire, which in effect covers the entire range of unlawful acts. The first transgression of Adam was the initial introduction of the violation of law.

Concupiscence, refers to unlawful or irregular desires. The inclination for unlawful enjoyments. And the main idea, is that opposition by law to the desires and passions of man, only tends to inflame and exasperate them. And in this case with regard to sin, it covers every form of sin.

The law crosses the path of every sinner, and opposes his every intent and action. The law acts as a detector and brings into view that which is concealed within his soul.

The law establishes an authority over the sinner, but typical of humanity, authority is rejected and ignored, and the sin is more stubbornly, and obstinately, and more desperately committed.

And as we have already studied, without the law, there is no violation. Without the law there would be no evil.

Therefore, the law draws a line in the sand, and humanity crosses that line of his own free will and desire primarily because crossing the line creates an excitement, which is the description used for committing the sin.

The law cannot be used as a mechanism for salvation, because the law is not viewed as a mechanism for good, but is viewed as a prevention for doing evil. And that prevention is ignored. Sin is in effect personified as a power that is antagonistic toward, and challenging of, the law of God.

Sin is not nonexistent, but the law, or knowledge of it, excites the activity for committing the sin, and thus brings death, in a spiritual sense to the individual.

Thus an infant, or the young individual, who has no knowledge of right and wrong, cannot be condemned to death, in a spiritual sense, because they have no knowledge of the law. And thus are not excited into the commission of sin. And the term law here is used in a general sense of right and wrong, with regard to one’s accountability.

But an older and competent and capable individual, who is old enough to be held accountable, and thus commits a sin, then death is imputed to that individual, in which case a formal form of salvation is necessary to counteract that death.

If the infant dies, there is no condemnation. If the competent individual dies, then there are repercussions based on his spiritual status.

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