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Revelation 6:08



8 And [kai] I looked, [eido] and [kai] behold [idou] a pale [chloros] horse: [hippos] and [kai] his [autos] name [onoma] that sat [kathemai] on [epano] him [autos] was Death, [thanatos] and [kai] Hell [hades] followed [akoloutheo] with [meta] him. [autos] And [kai] power [exousia] was given [didomi] unto them [autos] over [epi] the fourth part [tetartos] of the earth, [ge] to kill [apokteino] with [en] sword, [rhomphaia] and [kai] with [en] hunger, [limos] and [kai] with [en] death, [thanatos] and [kai] with [hupo] the beasts [therion] of the earth. [ge]   KJV-Interlinear

8 And I looked, and behold, an
ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following
with him. And authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill
with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the
earth.    NASB


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The pale horse is death.  Death comes from starvation, due to famine,
due to the many instabilities in the world, due to the
huge governmental oppressions imposed on the world, caused by the one who would
be the hero and ruler of the world – the anti-christ.


All of these seals are painting a picture of a
utopia, a man made utopia, that will never exist, and will end up only in
massive disaster.


And it is the people who by their
own volition which rejects
truth, who will bring all of this tyranny onto


Since the day that the Savior was promised to Adam,
Satan has had his own savior planned.
And if he had the means, he would have brought his version of a savior
into the world long before now. However,
Jesus Christ controls history, and humanity has not and will not bring a one
world ruler into the world, until it has fallen far below the degenerate levels
of society, that will allow it.


That time will not occur until the last generation
of this Church Age. A generation that will include believers that will be Raptured away, along with a world full of unbelievers that
will remain behind, to live through the Tribulation.


Many of those unbelievers will find the Lord during
the hardest of times in all of human history.
It is a terrible thing when people who are so stubborn, have to be
pushed to the brink of oblivion, before they will open up their minds to faith
in Christ.


But that is the way that many will find
Christ. Stubbornness is a very powerful force,
as it can cause a person to refuse to the bitter end, before actually relinquishing
their pride to humble faith.


The pale horse, is the
means of human activity. Death is the
result. Hades is the underworld, the
world of the dead.


The sword is violence, all manner of violence.  From gang activity,
criminal activity, social hate, governmental atrocities and everything that you
can imagine, and worse.
The world
will go unleashed and unhindered as violence takes over all aspects of life. 


Hunger is from the lack of social or public commerce
or charity. No production, no
manufacturing, no retail. This is
removed from society when government (the anti-christ)
takes over.


One-fourth of the population of the world will die
as the anti-christ allows it all to happen. One
person in every four, means that everyone on earth
will be affected. Not one person will go
untouched by the extremes.


The beasts of the earth are the scavengers who get
fat on all those who society simply cannot bury or dispose of.


That means the stench of the dead on the planet, will be horrendous.


And this is not a childrens
story, not a fiction made up by science-fiction writers, but a revealing of
what is actually going to occur in our future some day.


And, it is all going to occur simply because people
do not see the value of God, Christ, doctrine, obedience to truth, or the
principles of truth, or their spiritual life. People just refuse to engage in a
daily study of doctrine.


This is all going to occur because people refuse to
come and see, and understand.


Again, the question, ‘Where do you stand in all of


‘What are you not doing that you should be doing?’


‘What principle of doctrine do you believe that
does not apply to you, or that you are exempt from?’


And in your excuses, you will find the answer as to
why all of this will take place.



End of study





Study [by instruction],

to show thyself approved [spiritually mature]

unto God,

a workman [student]

that need not be ashamed [ignorant],

rightly dividing [learning, understanding, discerning]

the word of truth [Bible doctrine].

If you can dream and not make dreams your master,

If you can think and not let thoughts narrow your views,

If you can meet triumph with disaster equally,

If you can learn and see your full meaning and purpose in life,

Then you can believe in Christ, learn Bible doctrine, and grow far beyond the potential that God has prepared for you.

These studies are a part of the massive daily study web site at DailyBibeStudy.Org, and are written, so that you can come to Christ if you have not done so already, and therefore not be lost forever.

And if you have already believed in Christ, then these studies are written so you can learn and understand and grow in your spiritual life, so that you can come to the full knowledge of Christ, so that you can fulfill your meaning and purpose in life as God intended for you, and so you can qualify for a phenomenal eternal reward which you will have forever.

To ignore this opportunity to pursue a daily study means you will be incomplete, unfulfilled and you will lose out, big time.

The Daily Bible Study is online, making it possible as never before in all of human history, to advance in ones relationship with God, through Christ, and to complete yourself beyond your imagination.

But each person has to decide to make that commitment. No one else can study for you. You have to do that yourself.

Keep in the Word, Isa. 41:10.

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