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Revelation 5:2



2 And [kai] I saw [eido] a strong [ischuros] angel [aggelos] proclaiming [kerusso] with a loud [megas] voice, [phone] Who [tis] is [esti] worthy [axios] to open [anoigo] the book, [biblion] and [kai] to loose [luo] the seals [sphragis] thereof [autos]?    KJV-Interlinear


2 And I saw a strong angel
proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the book and to
break its seals?”    NASB


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Jesus Christ sits on the throne of heaven, holding
in His right hand, a sealed document containing the details of the final events
of history.

Written in eternity past as a part of the divine
decrees, and sealed for all time until the proper date in history to be
unsealed and revealed.

And that date does not occur until history has
played itself out, covering the rebellion and fall of Satan, the creation and
fall of man, the promise of a savior, the fulfillment of that promise, the
assembly of a royal family, together with its removal from this world, and then
Satan’s last and final attempt to take the throne for himself.

All the while Christ sits in heaven waiting for
Gods very detailed plan for history to unfold and complete itself as

And now, even with all of the events of history,
which cover many thousands of years and more, a mighty angel, one who was appointed for this task alone.

Proclaiming, ‘kerusso,’
is a word assigned to one who is appointed to make an announcement.

Strong, ‘ischuros,’
indicates an extremely high position, occupied by one who possesses
overwhelming qualifications and abilities for such a position.

And this angel, for he is identified as such, holds
a very high office in heaven, and he makes an announcement, asking the entire
universe a question, one in which he himself does not have an answer for, ‘Who
is worthy…?’

And his question is greeted with total silence.

Worthy, ‘axios,’ means to
be qualified physically, morally, spiritually.
Who has lived for all of eternity and possesses the answers to all
questions? Who has lived for all of
eternity and has been witness to all events of history?  Who has first hand and intimate knowledge of
all things? Who has lived an exemplary

Who has the rank and attributes that are so
comprehensive and complete, so as to qualify Him to unseal the last and final
book which will not only reveal, but gives the one opening it, the rightful
authority to carry out that which it is about to reveal?



End of study





Study [by instruction],

to show thyself approved [spiritually mature]

unto God,

a workman [student]

that need not be ashamed [ignorant],

rightly dividing [learning, understanding, discerning]

the word of truth [Bible doctrine].

If you can dream and not make dreams your master,

If you can think and not let thoughts narrow your views,

If you can meet triumph with disaster equally,

If you can learn and see your full meaning and purpose in life,

Then you can believe in Christ, learn Bible doctrine, and grow far beyond the potential that God has prepared for you.

These studies are a part of the massive daily study web site at DailyBibeStudy.Org, and are written, so that you can come to Christ if you have not done so already, and therefore not be lost forever.

And if you have already believed in Christ, then these studies are written so you can learn and understand and grow in your spiritual life, so that you can come to the full knowledge of Christ, so that you can fulfill your meaning and purpose in life as God intended for you, and so you can qualify for a phenomenal eternal reward which you will have forever.

To ignore this opportunity to pursue a daily study means you will be incomplete, unfulfilled and you will lose out, big time.

The Daily Bible Study is online, making it possible as never before in all of human history, to advance in ones relationship with God, through Christ, and to complete yourself beyond your imagination.

But each person has to decide to make that commitment. No one else can study for you. You have to do that yourself.

Keep in the Word, Isa. 41:10.

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