Revelation 03:07c

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Revelation 3:7c

7 And [kai] to the angel [aggelos] of the church [ekklesia] in [en] Philadelphia [Philadelpheia] write; [grapho] These things [hode] saith [lego] he that is holy, [hagios]
he that is true,
[alethinos] he that hath [echo] the key
[kleis] of David, [Dabid] he that openeth,
[anoigo] and [kai] no man [oudeis] shutteth; [kleio] and [kai] shutteth, [kleio] and [kai] no man [oudeis] openeth; [anoigo]    KJV-Interlinear



7 “And to the angel of the
church in Philadelphia write: He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of
David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says
this:    NASB






Revelation 3:7c


God has the key of David.  God is the ultimate authority and power.  Moreover, God has the key to life.  As the son of David, God, Jesus Christ, is true humanity. As the Son of God, Jesus Christ is true deity. He is God and man in one person. The unique person of history. He is the salvation and the door to it.


He can open it up for all to enter in if they choose to enter by means of His rules (faith), and He can close it up, preventing entrance to those who attempt to enter by their own rules (works). 


Man has no power over life.  Man cannot create life. Man cannot take away life. God creates life at the point of human birth. When you exit from the womb, that spark of life enters into your soul.  That spark of life comes from God and at the point of your physical death that same life leaves the body and goes to the appropriate destination depending on whether you believed in Christ or not.


Man can only make babies in the biological sense, so to speak, but life does not begin with sex.  That is a biological function by Gods grace for perpetuating the human race. Human life does not come from sex. Biological life comes that way, but without life in the soul. God sends life to the soul and he removes that soul from the body at the appropriate time.


Man does not even know how to measure the soul let alone the human spirit.


Again, God creates a human spirit at the point of mans faith expression in Christ. Into the human spirit is imputed eternal life, which joined with the soul gives us a guaranteed future with God in eternity and assures us of never having to face the fires of hell.


Once combined, the soul and spirit of man are joined permanently forever, never to be separated ever.  Man cannot create the soul or human life which resides in the soul, or the spirit or eternal life which resides in the human spirit, nor take them away.


Christ defeated death when He went to the Cross. In death his body went into the cave, His soul and spirit went to the underworld and into heaven to announce the victory of God in the angelic conflict.  On the morning of the third day, His soul, spirit, and body were rejoined in a resurrected body, permanent and indestructible.  Thus the victory over sin and death was completed, and the door was opened and confirmed as historical. 


Satan could not defeat the salvation promises which had been made since the time of Adam.


Satan tried to shut that door in his attempts to defeat the line of Adam with the death of Abel, with the infiltration of angels into the human race, with the flood, with the Canaanites in the land promised to Abraham through Shem, with the line of Abraham, with attacks on the line if the Jacob, with attacks from Pharaoh, with attacks on David and the line of David. Even at the point of the birth of Jesus, Satan was standing over him with death in his heart, but was defeated in every attempt.


During the life of Jesus, Satan could not prevent His ministry or His eventual judgment on the Cross.


In ancient times, with the helplessness of mankind, with the ordeals placed upon man even in everyday life, Gods plan for man, rolled right on. God opened the door, and no man, no angel, no circumstance, no disaster could prevent that door from opening. Over a period of several thousand years man could have simply faded from the face of the earth from war, crime, even disease, but God is faithful and kept man alive on this earth even though man did not deserve it. God could have wiped us out long ago.


Though God has opened the door for salvation, He has opened the door for spiritual growth. He can also close them up. 


For us all, one day that door closes.  Either at the point of our physical death or at some point in the future when human history stops.  God promises that, that day will come with certainty.


We can pretend that life will go on forever.  We can pretend that we all will go to a better place, where there are never ending golf courses, or perhaps bottomless refrigerators (snacks and such).   We can pretend that man is simply advancing in life to a better plane through technology and one day we as a human race will travel to the stars. But that pretense doesn’t help you and me today. Life in the 29th century won’t stop you and I from dying in this century, and it won’t help the people of past centuries.  So what happens to us?  Pretending doesn’t solve the problems before us.


Why is this the subject matter of this book of Revelation? What happened to the dragons and the 666’s, the antichrist and the great wars and disasters, the adventures of the tribulation?   What is the point of all this warning stuff to the churches?  Does anyone see a trend or thread in all of these passages?


Because life is not a fantasy.  There is a reality that exists that most people ignore.  There is a God.  There is a Satan.  There is an angelic conflict.   There was a beginning and there is an end.


Life is not a series of evaluations of mankind seeking improvements and then onward in a never ending process of evolution. God has a plan and that plan is defined in the dispensations of human history. 


The first dispensation of Adam and Eve in the Garden and the last dispensation of the Millennium define the boundaries of human history. Just as oceans have boundaries, just as life has boundaries from birth to physical death, so human history has boundaries, and this is the ultimate warning to each person that with every breath you take, you are nearing the end of your boundary.


When you die, the door is closed.  No one can bring themselves back from the dead to try again.No sorcerer, no seer, no hocus-pocus stuff will be able to communicate with the dead.  They are beyond the reach of the living. 


Only during life do we have the opportunity to believe in Christ, and in this passage, only during life do we have the opportunity to advance to spiritual maturity and earn eternal rewards and blessings during our life time.


The angelic conflict is a contest for the soul. It is a spiritual contest for the living. After death there is no contest.  You are apart from the body and face to face with the Lord.   No more sorrow, no more pain, no more death, etc.


No one can reopen that door of opportunity once God has closed it.No government, no religion, nothing. We can either get with the program and study our Bible daily which is true wisdom, or we can waste our lives and our eternity, which is true stupidity.




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