Revelation 03:07b

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Revelation 3:7b

7 And [kai] to the angel [aggelos] of the church [ekklesia] in [en] Philadelphia [Philadelpheia] write; [grapho] These things [hode] saith [lego] he that is holy, [hagios]
he that is true,
[alethinos] he that hath [echo] the key
[kleis] of David, [Dabid] he that openeth,
[anoigo] and [kai] no man [oudeis] shutteth; [kleio] and [kai] shutteth, [kleio] and [kai] no man [oudeis] openeth; [anoigo]    KJV-Interlinear



7 “And to the angel of the
church in Philadelphia write: He who is holy, who is true, who has the key of
David, who opens and no one will shut, and who shuts and no one opens, says
this:    NASB






Revelation 3:7b




Holiness, only God can define.  Man cannot define what is or is not holy. Apart from Bible doctrine in the soul, man cannot discern between that which is holy and that which is not.  Any person who believes in Christ receives, among other things, the imputation of Gods righteousness and Gods justice.  We are made righteousness in His sight.  We are justified in His sight.  We did not do anything but believe.  God does all the work.


Holiness is the combination of Gods righteousness (perfection) plus Gods justice (Cross).


Truth is doctrine, and apart from doctrine there is no truth. Everything in life must be considered in light of Bible doctrine, otherwise you run off into left field with ideas of evolution, mans integrity, technological solutions for everything, the idea of mans future lasting forever in the next several centuries with space travel and such.


If God did not exist, these things, even man, would not exist. God invented this universe and all the ‘laws’ that rule it. God sustains this universe and every aspect of it, whether small (sub-molecular and smaller), or large (galactic and larger).  Everything that makes up this universe, comes from truth, which comes from, and is, God.


God has the key of David.  God is the ultimate authority and power.  Mankind gets mixed up and thinks that he alone has the authority and power to make his own way.  Governments get set up and then proceed to destroy a given nation. Subjecting its very own citizens to the cruelties of its rules, regulations, laws, which nearly always lead to control aspects of the people rather than defending the citizen’s rights and liberties to function within the nation.


Politicians set up programs to get votes, or buy them. They set up programs that serve as charities but with more rules and waste than anyone can imagine.   They set up programs that help their own political agenda and career, making favorites at the expense of those who have no representation. Inevitably power and prestige go to their heads and their historic ‘legacy’ becomes the driving factor in their decisions.


Popular opinion means more than fairness or truth. In short, earthly governments do not follow Biblical principles, because mans sin nature interferes with mans decision making process. So throughout history, and despite some enlightened leadership, all in all, mankind will fail sooner or later within the governing structure which God grants.


God provides us with a framework for life.  God provides us with a structure that is intended to promote and prosper humanity.  However, mans sin nature gets in the way and as history has demonstrated, all of the past empires have disappeared, and all of the current ones will fade away as well. Why?  Because humanity tries and tries to operate outside of Gods divine framework of truth.


God is the ultimate authority.  All of creation is subordinate to God, and exists only at the pleasure of His will.  God is omniscient and His foreknowledge gives Him all of the facts in any situation. Legal systems here on earth are flawed.  


Perhaps they are as good as they can get, perhaps fairness is provided, but on the grand scale throughout history, there is more unfairness than fairness. God is fair and just, and, I might add, doesn’t hold a grudge after the decision.  Mankind holds grudges. 


If you get into trouble, there are folks who will never let you forget it. Their righteous attitude makes them think that they are furthering your punishment because God didn’t give you enough in the first place. People are judgmental and implacable. They can be filled with envy and hate. They will persecute you until you no longer exist and still will not be satisfied.


God is the ultimate power.  God is able to do what He says He will do. God is able to not do what He does not want done.


God is able to accomplish all things and nothing can prevent His will. If God wants something done, then nothing and no one can prevent it.  


Daniel was in the lions den, but God was not finished with Daniel’s life, so the lions were powerless. If God does not want something to happen, then no one and nothing can accomplish it.  Hitler wanted to rule the world, but Hitler was a tool, in reality, of God, to accomplish judgment where it was needed and a wake up call where it was needed.  Hitler did not get his way.   God had full and complete control of the historical events in WW II, just as He has always had control of history in the past and in the present and will have in the future.


God appoints and relieves governments in accordance with His will and in accordance with His plan for human history.  Human history is here for the determination of the angelic conflict. We have not been placed here on this earth just to see if mankind can rise above some preset level of dignity, and from that continue forever. Human history had a beginning and it will have an end. Thus the book of Revelation.


As each of these churches have been addressed, along with that address, comes a title of God.  Man’s attitude and preconceived ideas are contrasted with the reality of God. Man is flawed, and God is the only truthful path through life.  Man will never reincarnate himself into better future lives. Man will never improve the very nature of man.  Technology may change, but sin and death will never change.  Only God and Bible doctrine provide our solution to these two problems, sin and death.  Without God and His word, there is no good future for man.


God has the key of David.  What is that key?  We just described it.  God controls history.  He who has the key, controls what the key belongs to. David is the representation of the only eternal dynasty in history. All others will fail. That dynasty is going to be governed by Jesus Christ.  He will rule and He will rule forever.  And He has ruled everything in history thus far.  Even when humanity and Satan, try as they may, to derail all of history for their own selfish interest.


All empires, all nations, all leaders have and will come and go, but God holds the key to history and to life, and to all control over everything. God is the sovereign over everything that is and will be.


No one else holds that key.




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