Revelation 03:06

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Revelation 3:6

6 He that hath [echo] an ear, [ous] let him hear [akouo] what [tis] the Spirit [pneuma] saith [lego] unto the churches. [ekklesia]    KJV-Interlinear

6 ‘He who has
an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.






Revelation 3:6




The same exhortation is stated here again, ‘he who has an ear,’ is an expression which emphasizes the
responsibility of the individual Christian to heed Gods Word in scripture.

God has issued you a mandate in this verse, now for
the fifth time, to heed, to listen, to hear, to learn, to understand, and to
grow up as a result. If you are not
interested in doctrine, then you are in violation of this mandate.  If you do not pursue your daily study, then
you are in violation of this mandate.

So, you as a Christian, have an obligation to learn
truth. You should want to learn
truth. It should not be forced on you.  And if your interest is not in truth, then
your interest is in other than truth, namely lies.  For that is all that is
left, when truth is rejected.

And unless you are an instructor, or unless you
know it all already, then your mandate is to be a student and to listen and to
learn.   Even instructors are students at
some point in their life, and should approach their studies objectively and
thoroughly for their entire life.

But this is directed toward the entire church of
believers.Have an ear, listen, be
objective, do not bind yourself with false notions or wives tales, and
certainly do not restrict your spiritual education because of an adherence to
things that are not true.

Let the Christian, hear what the ‘Spirit says to
the Churches.’This did not say what
Christ said to the Churches. This did
not say what Christ said to the Spirit.
It said, what the Spirit says.

Your spiritual life functions only when you are in
fellowship. In order to get into
fellowship you must confess your sins to God the Father.  You are to do this on a regular basis in
order to remain in fellowship as much as possible.  The study of confession and fellowship is
more detailed in the 1 John study.

When in fellowship, the Holy Spirit has control
over your soul.When out of fellowship,
your sin nature has control over your soul.

When in fellowship, all communication from God,
through doctrine, is transmitted into your human spirit, and into your soul, by
means of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, all
doctrine is taught by the Holy Spirit.
He is the primary communicator of truth.

Therefore, you are to listen to the Spirit, which
means to be in fellowship so that the ministry of the Holy Spirit will function
properly for your spiritual life. You do not have any unusual feelings or
sensations, for you cannot sense or detect anything of a spiritual nature from
this temporal world.Those who say they
have Spirit ecstatic moments are frauds.

The word for Churches is plural and therefore, is a
message to all Christians.





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