Revelation 03:04




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Revelation 3:4


4 Thou hast [echo] a few [oligos] names [onoma] even [kai] in [en] Sardis [Sardeis] which [hos] have [moluno] not [ou] defiled [moluno] their [autos] garments; [himation] and [kai] they shall walk [peripateo] with [meta] me [emou] in [en] white: [leukos] for [hoti] they are [eisi] worthy. [axios]    KJV-Interlinear

4 ‘But you have a few people in
Sardis who have not soiled their garments; and they will walk with Me in white; for they are worthy.    NASB






Revelation 3:4




God reminds us that there is still and will always
be a remnant in every generation which will turn their backs on temptation, and
will adhere to their Bible study and advance to spiritual maturity.  They will achieve the completeness that God
has designed for us all, and will be qualified for special ‘white’ garments, a
special glory, due to their special spiritual advancement in a world of
wickedness, because of Gods special grace policy that allowed them to

They will not have soiled their garments.  This means that they did not live their lives
in conformity to their sin nature, but lived their lives in fellowship and
functioned under the grace program of God.
Their production, from the application of Bible doctrine to their daily
lives, was true good. Good which God

Good produced from the source of the sin nature is
rejected by God, and is typically referred to as soiled or filth or dirt spread
across and throughout ones soul or life.

White, ‘leukos,’ is a
reference for cleanliness or light.It
is the absence of filth or being soiled or dirty.

In the spiritual life, a soiling on ones self comes from wallowing in sin or human good, from living
a life outside of the fellowship sphere.

Remember that sin has two distinct areas – an area
of strength which is human good, and an area of weakness which is sin.  Both are rejected as they are both from the
source of ones own effort, or energy of the flesh
(the sin nature).

God recognizes only the energy of the spirit, which
is divine good or divine production.

When you are soiled, you are living in the carnal
state or out of fellowship.

When you have consistently confessed your sins and
live within the fellowship sphere, you are free of sin, and thus free from
filth. Your state is white, or light, or
purity, or godliness. All are synonymous

Christ is God.
Christ is the living word. When
you read and study and learn doctrine, then you have Christ (the word) in you.
When your soul circulates truth within it, then you are living by the
principles of truth, which means that you are living a life with Christ. 

Your day to day life is also typically referred as
your walk through life. Walking or
living by means of Gods principles means, or is the same as, walking with

When you live by the principles of the Word of God,
then you are worthy.

Worthy, ‘axios,’ means
suitable, valuable, commendable, precious, deserving, due reward.  And therefore, only those people who live their
life in fellowship, and thus advance in their spiritual life toward spiritual maturity,
are worthy.

You cannot stay in fellowship unless you have
adopted a pattern of life that includes a daily study of doctrine.   Those who do not study, soon forget to
confess and soon forget their spiritual mandates.  Only the person who studies regularly will be
alert to his own life for confession and thus live consistently in fellowship.

Anyone, any unbeliever, and any believer out of
fellowship, are unworthy. Unbelievers
can never be deemed worthy.

Only believers living in obedience to Christ, can be deemed as worthy.





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