Revelation 03:20

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Revelation 3:20


20 Behold, [idou] I stand [histemi] at [epi] the door, [thura] and [kai] knock: [krouo] if [ean] any man [tis] hear [akouo] my [mou] voice, [phone] and [kai] open [anoigo] the door, [thura] I will come in [eiserchomai] to [pros] him, [autos] and [kai] will sup [deipneo] with [meta] him, [autos] and [kai] he [autos] with [meta] me. [emou]    KJV-Interlinear

20 ‘Behold, I stand at the door
and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the
door, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with Me.    NASB






Revelation 3:20




Verses 18, 19, 20, and 21 all come together to form
a picture of the spiritual life. Verse
18 shows the vast blessings that are available.
Verse 19 requires you to change your attitude.  Verse 20 calls for you to confess and live in
a state of fellowship. And verse 21,
calls for believers to overcome, or advance to spiritual maturity.

The word for dine, ‘deipneo,’
means to have supper, or to sup, it is a reference to the last meal of the day,
the evening meal, Luke 17:8; 22:20; 1 Cor 11:25.

Sharing a meal is in reference to fellowship,
communion, and intimacy between people. Sharing a meal symbolizes the union of
people having fellowship with one another.

Christians will dine with Christ in the ultimate
dinner, or marriage supper of the Lamb, and in the Millennial Kingdom, Rev. 19:9,
Luke 22:16, 29-30.

Remember that these letters to the Churches, are
letters to Christians, not to unbelievers.
This dining request is one from Christ, the written word, to believers
who have not been listening, namely the Laodicean church who has gone into a
state of apostasy and apathy toward Christ.

And therefore being out of fellowship in their
spiritual life, refusing to confess their sins in order to get back into
fellowship, Christ (the word), is knocking loudly.

Knocking, ‘krouo,’ in
this instance is a pounding on the door, in order to wake up the inhabitants
who have fallen asleep. The pounding is
necessary in order to get their attention.
This is also a warning knock, for impending discipline, in case they do
not answer the door and let Christ (the word) back into their life.

In other words, to
restart their spiritual life (studying, learning, using, growing, etc.).

Christ knocks.
Warning discipline.  If you ignore it, then the discipline will
intensify to your disadvantage. If you
respond to the warning, confession, then the next portion of the passage

Christ, the Word of God, will dine with you.  You are in effect accepted at the dining
table with God. You are in fellowship
and acceptable to God. You are
clean. You have your dress whites on for
the interaction with Christ.

The food, Bible doctrine, is available to you for
your consumption and eventual metabolization within
your soul. You are in the presence with
God and have access to His divine power for your protection, for your
sustenance, for your security, for your spiritual growth, for your souls health, etc.

Christ interacts with you, and you with Him.  This is the place of residence where you
should live your life. Inside Gods
sphere of power.In
fellowship with God.

And remember too, that this is not an emotional
experience in your life. You will not
feel any rush of any type.No
seizures.No bouncing off the walls or
floor.No unintelligible nonsense noises
coming from your throat.None of this weird voices, or Holy Ghost, or tongues stuff.

The pounding on the door, is the world around you, which
speaks of God, Christ, creation, life after death and so forth, in order to get
your attention (or the attention of the out of fellowship believer).

Life in eternity when one is prepared, is a far
better life than life in eternity when one is not prepared.

Life with God is a far better life, than life
without God. Having fellowship with God
is far better than fellowship with the world.

Life with blessing is far better than life with





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