Revelation 01:19

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Revelation 1:19





19 Write [grapho] the things which [hos] thou hast seen, [eido] and [kai] the things which [hos] are, [eisi] and [kai] the things which [hos] shall [mello] be [ginomai] hereafter [meta]; [tauta]    KJV-Interlinear



19 “Write therefore the
things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which
shall take place after these things.    NASB

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John concludes this
chapter, with the command from Christ to write down three things, namely, all
that he saw, the things present, and the things future.
  So the past, present, and future are all tied
up in the person of Christ.He is the
focal point and the common thread which ties up history and holds all things


This first chapter gives us the priorities of life.
God first, doctrine first, and the means of learning and
possessing it and growing up spiritually.


We are mere vessels of potential, lampstands.  A lampstand is useless unless it has oil, and
God provides the oil, Bible doctrine.
And the oil is useless unless it provides light, or production, and our
application of doctrine to our life provides the light.  God sparks the light.  God moves the oil through our vessel to feed
the light.We as the container do
nothing.The forces of God add the oil
and move it toward the fire which provides the light.


The Church or the Church Age,
is the reference to the ‘things present.’


The ‘things future’ refers to the events that will
occur after our present era or dispensation.


John is commanded to write.  Why?


So we will have the written Word, to study and
therefore to learn.One can only learn
if ones studies, and one can only study if the
information is written down.


Once this Book of Revelation was completed, the
divine revelation from God stopped.


We have in our possession all that we need, in the
form of the written Bible, to prepare us for advancement in our spiritual life,
and to know and understand how history has been defined and designed by God.


Just as this universe had a designer, and created laws
to rule its operation, so too, history has been pre-defined by God, complete
with the rules of its function.


Nothing in life happens by accident.  Nothing in history happens by accident.


For some, these things will be fascinating or even
entertaining.They do not have to live


For some, these things will be disturbing or even
startling, as life unfolds with trends or events, that
will indicate the nearness of the end times.
And those events will point to an all time spiritual low, as apostasy
grows throughout the world, and Christianity declines.


But for some, these things will be terrifying
beyond the imaginable, because they will actually have to live through them.





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