Revelation 02:28

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Revelation 2:28




28 And [kai] I will give [didomi] him [autos] the morning [proinos] star. [aster]    KJV-Interlinear


28 and I will give him the
morning star.    NASB

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The bright morning star typically is the term used
to refer to Venus.When on occasion it
rises in the early morning, it is the brightest object in the sky.  It promises the beginning of a new day, and
the passing away of darkness.


However, we can hardly expect that Christ is going to
give each person a planet, let alone Venus.
There is only one of it, anyway.


Elsewhere in the scriptures the morning star if
referenced in Dan. 12:3, Isa. 14:12, Num. 24:17, but Christ did not say here
that he was going to make the believer who overcomes, ‘like’ the morning star,
or that he would ‘compare’ the believer to the morning star, or even to look to
the ‘future’ for a particular star.


Here, Christ said that He would ‘give’ the morning


The morning star is a title of Jesus Christ in all
of His glory.


In the night sky, the star is at its
brightest.Even in the daylight the star
is visible over all other light.


To give, ‘didomi,’ means
to convey as a possession for ones sole and total use.


As we have said, Jesus Christ possesses the title, ‘Bright
Morning Star,’ Rev 22:16, 2 Peter 1:19.
So, Jesus Christ promises Himself.


For now in this life we can only know Him in part.  Our physical limitations limit our knowledge
and wisdom.But in eternity, in the next
life, we can know Him fully, 1 Cor. 13:12.


Bible doctrine is the mind of Christ, 1 Cor.
2:16.Jesus Christ is the Word, John
1:1.In heaven Jesus Christ is
glorified.He was glorified after He
ascended, after His resurrection.


Therefore, no earthly person is capable of
receiving this huge reward or gift.It
comes only after the resurrection of the believer, and after the believer has
himself been glorified by means of the Judgment Seat of Christ.


But the timing of this gift is not in view here, it
is the actual gift and the magnitude that it represents, and to whom it will be


The person who overcomes,
is the mature believer.We have already
studied this.Therefore, be mature, and
that will secure probably the greatest gift of them all, possession of Christ,
Himself, and all that, that implies. Phenomenal glory, phenomenal knowledge,
phenomenal wisdom, phenomenal ability.
You can let your imagination go with this one, and you will never be
able to grasp the complete significance of this gift.


But suffice to say, if you do not advance to
spiritual maturity, then you will not receive this gift.


At what point in your life, will the gifts of
eternity, be sufficient to cause you to want doctrine, and to stay with it?






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