Revelation 02:27

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Revelation 2:27




27 And [kai] he shall rule [poimaino] them [autos] with [en] a rod [rhabdos] of iron; [sidereos] as [hos] the vessels [skeuos] of a potter [keramikos] shall they be broken to
[kago] as [hos] I [kago] received [lambano] of [para] my [mou] Father. [pater]    KJV-Interlinear


27 and he shall rule them with a
rod of iron, as the vessels of the potter are broken to pieces, as I also have
received authority from My Father;    NASB

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‘Even as I have received of my Father,’ continues with
the quote from Psa. 2:7-9.


When Christ returns at the Second Advent, He will crush
the ‘vessels of the potter,’ the nations, into little bits and pieces.  This is a description of the final crushing
blow against all enemies of truth.Evil will
exist no more as a viable opponent within Christ’s Millennial


The nations, is not the single nation of Israel,
but the plural nations of the gentiles. And it is over these nations,
are re-populated and rebuilt over the course of the next thousand
years, that mature believers from the Church Age, will share in the rule over
them.Remember that these letters that we
are studying are letters to the Church, or to believers of our dispensation,
the Church Age.


An iron rod is a reference to the fair but firmness
of truth and justice.The iron rod does
not bend, does not compromise, does not take sides, does
not apply bias or favoritism to some at the expense of others.


All of the unfairness’s and injustices and
prejudices and so forth of this current world, will
not exist during the Millennium.


Note that this sharing of the authority of
rulership does not occur until after the Second Advent.


But the mature believer of our dispensation must
first be glorified, and just as Chrst was not glorified
until He ascended into heaven after His resurrection and was seated at the
right hand of the Father, so too believers will not be glorified until they
have faced Christ at the Judgment Seat of Christ, in heaven, after the Rapture.  But that is a study for tomorrow.






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