Revelation 02:23

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Revelation 2:23




23 And [kai] I will kill [apokteino] her [autos] children [teknon] with [en] death; [thanatos] and [kai] all [pas] the churches [ekklesia] shall know [ginosko] that [hoti] I [ego] am [eimi] he which [ho] searcheth [ereunao] the reins [nephros] and [kai] hearts: [kardia] and [kai] I will give [didomi] unto every one [hekastos] of you [humin] according to [kata] your [humon] works. [ergon]    KJV-Interlinear


23 ‘And I will kill her children
with pestilence; and all the churches will know that I am He who searches the
minds and hearts; and I will give to each one of you according to your deeds.    NASB

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A child is one who comes from its parent.  In the spiritual world, a child is one who
follows the pattern of life, whether good or bad, that has been set out by
someone that they admire or look up to.


Here, Jezebel is the pattern of compromised truth,
the pattern of the rejection of Gods will in the performance of ones day to day life.


There exists deeds in everyones living.
There exists good deeds and there exists bad deeds.


The results of good deeds is
blessing.The results of
bad deeds is


Pestilence, ‘thanatos,’
means death or deadly.Bad things are
deadly (ruinous) to ones life.


Blessing is gaining something good or better than
you have.Death is the separation from,
or loss of, those things good.


Only believers are in view here.  Salvation has nothing to do with deeds in ones life.Salvation
is by grace, through faith.


Deeds are the result of things done by the believer.  And what separates the good deeds from the
bad, is the spiritual status of the believer.


Your spiritual status is functional when you are in
fellowship.Everything that you do while
in fellowship, is good deeds or good production (gold,
silver and precious stones). Deeds of intrinsic value.


Your spiritual status is not functional when you
are out of fellowship.Everything that
you do while out of fellowship is bad deeds or bad production (wood, hay, and
stubble).Deeds of no


God does not necessarily look to the things that
you do, but to the things within your soul that result in what you do.  Your actions are not what is
important, your mindset is what is important.
Good actions will follow a good mindset.
Bad actions will follow a bad mindset.


God looks on the soul and reads everything that is
in your soul.


The word for reins, ‘nephros,’
refers to the kidneys in a literal sense, but symbolically it is a reference to
the mind or the storage center of what you know, your memory or bank of


The word for heart, ‘kardia,’
is a literal reference to the heart, but symbolically is a reference to the activity,
the pumping or circulation activity, the thinking, within your soul.


Needless to say, what you know,
comes from what you have learned.If you
study the Bible then you can know something of it.  If you know something, then you can use it in
your life.


Obviously you cannot know what you have not
learned.And you cannot use what do not


And those who do not know, and therefore do not
use, because they have rejected the mandates of God to learn His will, then there
is punishment of death.Death is the
removal of, or the non-payment of blessings.


To each is given the rewards of their deeds.  No deeds or bad deeds, means no pay.


Your life is the serious matter of what your
destiny is going to be like.Your
destiny is not in this world.One day
when you are young or old, you will leave this world. And all that you have done,
or will do, in this life will determine your eternal future.  Eternity is a long time, therefore the
results of your life now, has an infinite impact on your next life.


Most folks want the most out of their life now, but
we are all limited by the restrictions of this world.


Most folks want the most out of their next life,
and in doctrine, there are no restrictions to limit you from getting the most,
even beyond the most, except one, and that is your lack of desire to learn and
grow up in your spiritual life.


You alone, are your worst enemy and biggest barrier
to having a phenomenal future.


God will judge you according to the content of your
soul.You can fill up your soul with the
enticements and activities of the world, or you can fill up your soul with the
promise of doctrine.You just have to
decide which is more important to you.






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