Revelation 02:21

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Revelation 2:21




21 And [kai] I gave [didomi] her [autos] space [chronos] to [hina] repent [metanoeo] of [ek] her [autos] fornication; [porneia] and [kai] she repented [metanoeo] not. [ou]    KJV-Interlinear


21 ‘And I gave her time to
repent; and she does not want to repent of her immorality.    NASB

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Now we continue our study in Revelation after
completing several studies in 1 Timothy 4.  The background of apostasy from that study certainly
apples here and will be even more applicable as we progress through this book.


Speaking of the compromising attitude of the people
of Thyatira, who were misled by people described as Jezebel, following the
apostate attitude which was promoted by her pattern of life, Christ here gives
them further time to repent of their ways.


Christ gives everyone time to make the necessary changes
within their lives.But that time is not


God is patient and does not execute judgment
immediately when a person sins or continues to sin, Rom 2:4, Eccl 8:11-13; Ps
10:6; 2 Peter 4,9.
Even to the point of mockers coming along to ridicule that God has not
yet returned and that nothing has changed, 2 Peter 3:3.


Graciously the Lord gave the false prophetess and
the people at Thyatira time to repent, but illustrating the sad truth that
people love darkness rather than the light, John 3:19, they did not want to
repent of their immorality.


Their blunt and final refusal to repent would lead
to a terrible judgment.And that is of
course the ultimate subject of this book, and why the future of humanity is not
to fly to the stars in starships, but will be one of self destruction to near






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