Revelation 02:18

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Revelation 2:18




18 And [kai] unto the angel [aggelos] of the church [ekklesia] in [en] Thyatira [Thuateira] write; [grapho] These things [hode] saith [lego] the Son [huios] of God, [theos] who [ho] hath [echo] his [autos] eyes [ophthalmos] like [hos] unto a flame [phlox] of fire, [pur] and [kai] his [autos] feet [pous] are like [homoios] fine brass; [chalkolibanon]    KJV-Interlinear


18 “And to the angel of the
church in Thyatira write: The Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire,
and His feet are like burnished bronze, says this:    NASB

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With each succeeding church addressed, comes a
technical title of Jesus Christ – holder of the seven stars, walking among the lamp
stands, the first and the last, was dead and is now alive, the one who has the
sharp two edged sword.And now whose
eyes like a flame of fire and with feet like fine bronze.


Also the charge against the churches,
has increased yet still.The churches
are the believers in this Church age.
And more still, the failures or failing attitudes of the believers in
our age.All too often believers will
stand up staunchly negative toward God, yet denying their negative
attitude.They are consumed with their
chosen way of life, so that they do not feel they are in any violation of
doctrine.This is because they reject
the truth and are not able to recognize their error due to their stubborn


The sin nature is very subtle and allows so much
leeway, that it is very easy to dilute the morality which the Bible teaches,
and make everything right in the naive believers eyes.


Jesus Christ is the Son of God and herein refers to
His title as such.There is only one
God.Their is only one path to
God.And that path is through Jesus
Christ.This church address is one of
diluted attitude toward that God and that path.
People without doctrine in their souls, will accept in their own minds,
many possible routes to God.They
justify them and this in turn becomes their reality. 


They blind themselves.  People pray to angels.  They pray to Mary.  They pray to saint this or saint that.  Religions deify certain artifacts, whales,
trees, stone, jewelry, or other natural or artificial idols.  They justify their own approach to faith, and
fill their lives in with human works or activities, in lieu of Bible
study.These all are violations of sound
Bible doctrine and bring Gods wrath of judgment and
punishment on the ones who pursue this course of thought and action.


Christ’s feet of bronze come from a purifying fire,
the fire of the Cross, where all sin, all impurity, has been judged on Him in
those three hours in the afternoon just prior to Passover.  This is the picture of the feet of fine bronze
or the result of having all impurities purged out of the metal so that it is
pure and refined.


His eyes of fire can see through the garbage of
thought in this world.Piercing through
and fog and identifying and judging what is good and what is bad, signifying
his piercing, penetrating, perfect knowledge, and a thorough insight into all
persons and all things.


Jesus Christ addresses Himself as the Son of God,
as the judge, and that should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of those
who had abandoned their faith almost completely.


In this letter, there is described a progressive
worsening of Christian character within this church of Thyatira. The low point
will be reached when the Church of Laodicea is addressed.


As the Christian is obedient and functioning
properly within their spiritual life, then blessing and prosperity are in view,
but when the Christian slips away from their normal function within their
spiritual life, then judgment (discipline) and loss of blessing are in view.


Your normal function is of course, your daily study
of Bible doctrine, so that you can learn truth, what it is, and what it means.


Whenever you get away from a daily study, then your learning comes from your own invention or preconceived
ideas.That leads to compromise and that
leads to an apostate spiritual life.Not
good, no matter how you describe it.


Christ sees all and knows all.  Christ tramples out the impurities from
within His church.And if you are the
target of His trampling, then that is not going to be a pleasant experience for






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