Revelation 02:16

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Revelation 2:16




16 Repent; [metanoeo] or else [ei de me(ge)] I
will come
unto thee
[tachu] and [kai] will fight [polemeo] against [meta] them [autos] with [en] the sword [rhomphaia] of my [mou] mouth. [stoma]    KJV-Interlinear


16 ‘Repent therefore; or else I
am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of My mouth.    NASB

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Repent, ‘metanoeo,’ means
to change the mind, to change the thinking, the thinking pattern of your mind,
with the result that it changes the pattern of your behavior.  Old habits, old beliefs, old ways need to go
away, and be replaced with new ones.


John changes from ‘you’ to ‘them.’  This means that the warning applies to
everyone.You, as in you who are reading
this study right this minute, are especially included in this warning.


This is a stern warning.  This is a warning that is very real, and a
warning that has very real repercussions for your life if you choose to ignore


This is not a warning of lightning, or of a mighty
hand falling out of the sky and smacking you up the side of your head, which
many believers certainly need.But it is
a warning of your impending loss of blessing for eternity, and of your
impending difficulties in this current life.


God is patient, and He has all of your life to
train you (one way or another).The
degree and nature of your training obviously depends on your attitude.


He will come quickly, means that He is already
here.To make war and battle,
means just that.Only you are outnumbered,
out equipped, and out matched.Your
defense is that of a bug under a shoe – squish.


The sword of Christ’s mouth is Bible doctrine, the
Word of God.It is his word that has been
magnified above His name, and although God is omnipotent, His Word possesses
the same power of God.The Word of God
has the power to train you, to bless you, and to condemn you.


And His word is right here, right now, up close and


To those who do not obey Gods mandates, to those
who peal off to do their own thing in life, to those
who engage in lasciviousness or asceticism or anything in between, to those who
ignore Christian principles, to those who tolerate immoral principles, to those
who compromise with worldly views, and on, and on, and on, and especially to
those who simply ignore or are indifferent to the daily expectations of God for
your study, then this is a warning.It
is a severe warning.



The warning is from doctrine, the written word.  Why the written word?  Because by being in writing, you have the
ability to know, you know, you already know what your obligations are in the
spiritual life.


And by not engaging in your daily study, you are
therefore by default, compromising with the world, and that means you are a
hater of God, even if you think you are a nice person.


If you are not for Him (obedient to His mandates),
then you are against Him.And if you are
against God, then your rewards and blessings for life are at risk.






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