Revelation 02:15

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Revelation 2:15




15 So [houto] hast [echo] thou [su] also [kai] them that hold [krateo] the doctrine [didache] of the Nicolaitans, [Nikolaites] which thing [hos] I hate. [miseo]    KJV-Interlinear


15 ‘Thus you also have some who
in the same way hold the teaching of the Nicolaitans.    NASB

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The Nicolaitans, are also mentioned
in Rev. 2:6.


Nicolaitanism represents
immorality and wickedness. The letter to
Pergamum links Nicolaitanism with Balaam’s false
teaching that led Israel astray. The
deeds of the Nicolaitans involved sensual temptations leading to sexual
immorality and eating things sacrificed to idols, Rev. 2:14, without regard for
the offense of such behavior, Rom 14:1-15:3.  


The eating of sacrificed things to idols, represents the practice of normal daily routines that
are objectionable in Christianity.
Things such as homosexuality, pursuing alternative lifestyles, pursuing
the many categories of sin, and it certainly includes the reluctance of
obedience to Christ’s mandates.


Nicolaitanism attempted
an ethical compromise with heathenism.Nicolaitans
lived lives of unrestrained indulgence and abandoned themselves to pleasure,
leading a life of self entertainment, self-indulgence, and indifference to


Pergamum tolerated the behavior, unlike the
Ephesians who did not.And for that, the
Lord commended the Ephesians, but lodged his complaint against Pergamum.  


There were those who would rather compromise their
Christian principles and get along with the corrupting influences around
them.This is not limited to engaging in
a carousing social life, but it also includes agreeing with the popular beliefs
of that current time.


In our day, that would mean trying to please
everyone by forfeiting ones principles, by being politically correct, by not
rocking the boat, by agreeing with anti-Christian beliefs.  Likewise it would include not studying or
practicing ones faith, because it might offend someone. 


It would also include caving in, to the requests of
unbelievers who want you to include their beliefs, which is nothing more than
allowing the wolf to enter in among the sheep, just to be polite.


But a good shepherd does not allow enemies of the flock,
anywhere near the flock.Doing unto
others, is a social courtesy, not an invitation to evil.


The Nicolaitans followed the idea that the local
pagan lifestyle could effectively be integrated into Christian principles without
repercussions. Such is not true.


This applies to all social, moral and spiritual
standards that are established in the Bible.


By tolerating anti-Christian ethics and beliefs and refusing to exercise church discipline in refusing to
pursue them in ones life, the church shared in the
guilt, which brings the Lord’s judgment onto everyone.






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