Revelation 02:06

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Revelation 2:6




6 But [alla] this [touto] thou hast, [echo] that [hoti] thou hatest
[miseo] the deeds [ergon] of the Nicolaitans,
[Nikolaites] which [hos] I also [kago] hate. [miseo]    KJV-Interlinear


6 ‘Yet this you do have, that you
hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

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Even though the Ephesians had fallen away from
their first love, namely the fundamental principles of their daily obedience to
their studies and worship, etc., they still retained their repulsion of sinful


This is identified in the description of the ‘deeds’
of the Nicolaitans.
Note, they did not hate the people, only their pattern
of life.


And hate, ‘miseo,’ means
to reject, detest, refuse to adopt for ones self. This is
not a verb for anger, but for the rejection of a way of life.


The Nicolaitans, are also
mentioned in the letter to Pergamum, Rev. 2:12-15.


Nicolaitanism represents
immorality and wickedness. The letter to
Pergamum links Nicolaitanism with Balaam’s false
teaching that led Israel astray. The
deeds of the Nicolaitans involved sensual temptations
leading to sexual immorality and eating things sacrificed to idols, Rev. 2:14,
without regard for the offense of such behavior, Rom 14:1-15:3.  It attempted an ethical compromise with
lived lives of unrestrained indulgence and abandoned themselves to pleasure leading
a life of self-indulgence.


Pergamum tolerated the behavior, unlike the
Ephesians who did not.And for that, the
Lord commended the Ephesians.


God hates, rejects, impurity, Isa 61:8; Jer 44:4; Amos 5:21; Zech 8:17.


However, remember, even though you may have the
appropriate attitude toward sin or a bad pattern of life,
does not release you from adhering to the fundamental mandates
which God requires of you, in your spiritual life. 


Mandates, namely your pursuit of objective daily
Bible study, which in turn is the basis for your correct understanding and
interpretation and discernment and application of scripture to your daily life,
and to reality.


Remember what the greatest commandment is? 


Matt. 22:37


Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt
love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.


You are to love with all your heart, soul, and


Love is the content of scripture, ‘agapao.’


Heart, represents the circulation of that
information throughout your soul.


The soul is where the real you resides.


The mind is representative of your memory center,
or where the edification of spiritual resources are
constructed.The temple, mansion,
fortress, within your soul built by doctrine, and is the foundation of your


Therefore, your obligation to God is to learn
truth, and center your life around it.


The Ephesians lost this perspective and traded it
in for more superficial principles, even though they retained some valid


Sincerity is not the basis for the spiritual
life.Good intentions are not the basis
for the spiritual life.


And when people get away from sound principle, then
they will have a tendency to cling to fads, or concepts that distort truth, and
then chase off in the wrong direction.
One error, leads to two, leads to three, etc.


In our current day, prophecy or social engineering
or other popular philosophies become the distraction away from sound doctrine.


Agreeing to disagree is never an option.  Learning truth is ones only option.  And you can only learn truth from a
legitimate source of truth.It cannot be
self taught.


What is on the line?  Your entire destiny, your candlestick, your
meaning and purpose, your blessings, your status as a mature, and complete,
Christian, the quality of your entire eternal future.






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