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Revelation 2:3










3 And [kai] hast borne, [bastazo] and [kai] hast [echo] patience, [hupomone] and [kai] for [dia] my [mou] name’s sake [dia] [onoma] hast laboured, [kopiao] and [kai] hast [kamno] not [ou] fainted. [kamno]    KJV-Interlinear


3 and you have perseverance and
have endured for My name’s sake, and have not grown
weary.    NASB

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Jesus Christ knows of each persons spiritual activity or lack thereof.  Jesus Christ knows what you put into your
spiritual life.He knows your intent,
your language, and your effort, if any.


The verses are repeated here for emphasis on Christ’s
knowledge verses your opinion of yourself.


His knowledge is perfect and accurate with respect
to the truth of the facts regarding your life.
Your opinion of yourself most likely is slanted and favorable in your
own eyes.


Christ knows the work and toil of the Ephesians,
and here He acknowledges their actual effort and credits their compliance with


Borne, ‘bastazo,’ means to
carry the burden, to bear.Their burden
was not extraordinary, but the normal day to day life that we all must live.


Patience, ‘hupomone,’
means cheerful endurance, consistency, patience.  Not that they were a gleeful people, but
their view of life through the promise of Christ was more real in their heart,
in hope, in confidence, of His overruling authority over the circumstances of the
world, that they held an inner joy, despite their burdens.


Labor, in this verse, kapiao, is a reference to living on the edge of
life, so to speak, to the point that they were wearied.  They were pressed by life’s pressures, which
came at them over and over and over again, and again.  Never ceasing.


People know that life in this world is fraught with
pressures.It is the devils world.  There will never be a peace as far as the world
is concerned.Your only access to peace,
in this world, is through inner peace generated by doctrine in the soul.


The Ephesians give us an
example of sticking with our daily spiritual life, regardless of what life has
to throw at us.


They did not faint, ‘kamno.’  They did not quit.  They did not complain to God.  They did not blame God.


They knew that this life is the settlement of the
angelic conflict, and that God is allowing everyone to go through hardships
because of the devils complaints, but that God will soon settle the matter when
all generations have had their chance to be born, to believe in Christ, and to
grow up spiritually. And, when Satan has finally failed.








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