Psalm 039:09

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Psalm 39:9

Truth Silences Complaints


9 I was dumb [‘alam], I opened [pathach] not my mouth [peh]; because thou didst [`asah] it.   KJV-Interlinear


9 I am mute; I do not open my mouth, for it is you who have done it. ESV

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The complaints of the psalmist, are silenced. That is the meaning of the opening phrase, I was dumb, or in other words, I was caused to be silent.

At the beginning of this Psalm, the individual was complaining because he was overwhelmed by the pressures and troubles of life.

He realized that these troubles, and all troubles, came from sin, and that sin was accompanied by discipline, and that discipline is a result of God’s design.

And now in verse nine, the psalmist realizes the error of his complaint, and that the suffering that he was having in his life, was correct, and wise, and good.

We need to realize that all suffering, is not directly related to some sin we have committed, even though a great deal of suffering, results from our own thoughts and actions.

But too, a lot of suffering is simply because we live in this Devils world.

This is an imperfect world, which became imperfect as a result of sin.

Prior to Adam and Eve’s sin, they lived in a perfect garden. Subsequent to their sin, the state of the world deteriorated. And it has been deteriorating ever since.

Those who believe that saving the environment, or spreading brotherly love, might somehow restore the world to some sort of better place, are pursuing a belief that will never occur.

The only way to perfect the world, is to remove sin entirely. And man on his own, is incapable of accomplishing that. Only God can remove sin, and only God can restore the world.

In the meantime, we all have to face the sufferings that are caused by this world, as well as the sufferings that we bring on ourselves.

Complaining will not fix it, but Bible doctrine learned and understood, is the only way we have of living with, and surviving through, the flaws of this world, as well as our self.

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