Psalm 039:02

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Psalm 39:2

Vent Your Complaints To God


2 I was dumb [‘alam] with silence [duwmiyah], I held my peace [chashah], even from good [towb]; and my sorrow [ka’eb] was stirred [`akar].   KJV-Interlinear


2 I was mute and silent; I held my peace to no avail, and my distress grew worse.  ESV

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David describes that his attempts to suppress his thoughts, or suppress his comments, resulted in even greater agitation and anguish within his own mind.

But the attempt to suppress, was in vain.

His inner distress, continued to grow worse and worse.

The suppression of negative thoughts or of complaining, gave him no avenue for venting, which venting was intended for other people, but would result in injury to them, perhaps even by perpetuating doubts and anger in others.

Ultimately, we will all have doubts. Ultimately we will all have angers within us.

And venting these feelings to others, is not the way to release our inner pressure.

But venting to God, is allowable, and is the preferred method of releasing inner frustrations and hostilities.

You can’t confuse God, and you cannot hurt God.

But often times, by venting toward God, you can work your way through the content of your frustration and anger, and when combined with a daily study and learning, you will be able to sort out and discover the answers that you need.

Often times, complaints lead to more complaints, lead to more questions. But complaining to God, even chewing Him out from time to time, gives you a place to take your frustration, and a way to sort out what is really on your mind.

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