Psalm 002:12

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Psalms 2:12

12 Kiss [nashaq] the Son, [bar] lest he be angry, [‘anaph]
and ye perish
[‘abad] from the way, [derek] when his wrath [‘aph] is
[ba`ar] but a little. [ma`at] Blessed [‘esher] are all
they that put their trust
[chacah] in him. KJV-Interlinear



12 Do
homage to the Son, lest He become angry, and you perish in the way, For His
wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him! NASB

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Homage or kiss, ‘nashaq,’
means to greet or to show respect. In ancient times and even in our present
day, some cultures use the kiss on the cheek, on the ring finger, on the foot,
to show recognition of the superior position of the one being kissed, and thus

The first person of the Trinity,
the Father, along with the second and third persons of the Trinity, the Son and
the Spirit as we have come to know them, all decided in eternity past to make the
Second person, the ultimate designation of supreme authority.

They all did this
because they knew that throughout all of history, both angel and human, in
arrogance, would reject this arrangement, and pursue a relationship with the Father,
thus ignoring the Son and the Plan of God.

Therefore, to honor God,
is to recognize His plan, to recognize the Son as the ultimate authority,
Messiah, Savior, and intermediary between man and God, and as the designated
heir to be the King for all of eternity, over all that exists.

Lest He become angry,
which means to deal with you through the policy of truth by means of discipline
or judgment.

That you might perish
from the way, which means to fail in your pursuit.

In the way, means to
pursue a designated path of travel. You can choose your own path, or you can
choose Gods path which He has chosen for you. To perish means to fail, or to
not arrive at your destination.

Your destination of your
own choosing will always fail. To not follow Gods path, means that you will not
gain the objective that God has waiting for you at the end of your travels.
Your travels means your life.

As an unbeliever, you
will not make it to heaven. Unbelievers will never receive any happiness.

As a believer who
rejects doctrine, which is the means of spiritual growth and production, means
that you will not obtain the phenomenal additional blessings that await you in
spiritual maturity, and it also means that you will not achieve some of the
happiness’s (plural), which await you.

Do you remember Psalm 1?

His wrath, means divine
policy in the application of justice, whether in discipline or judgment, which
also includes the withholding of blessings.

Is kindled, means by
means of the action of sin, or evil, or indifference, or lack of progress in
ones spiritual life.

But a little, is not a
reference to the degree of anger or application of justice, but it means that
in due course, in a short amount of time.  Therefore, after a little time,
human history is but a dot on the timeline of all of eternity, then Christ, the
designated Son, will apply His authority and wield His power in closing out
history, ending evil forever, and entering all (believers) who have abided by
Gods plan, into eternity future.

Blessed, ‘esher,’ which
is in the masculine gender, indicating mastery and possession of happiness, all
happiness’s. And this means that those who are obedient to God, to His plan, to
the pursuit of learning and growing up in their spiritual lives to maturity,
and therefore trusting in His plan and promises and abilities, then the
ultimate goal of a thoroughly and totally completed life in many happiness’s,
belongs to them, and to no one else.

Psalm one sets out the
goal and the means of attaining that goal.

Psalm two sets out mans
plan and its futility, and Gods plan and its certainty.

You have the end goal made
clear, and the choice of either of two paths to obtain that goal.

Only Gods path will

Don’t play games with
your future, be very careful of your choice, for it affects your entire eternal


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