Psalm 002:11

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Psalms 2:11

11 Serve [`abad] the LORD [Yahovah] with fear, [yir’ah] and
[giyl] with trembling. [ra`ad]KJV-Interlinear



11 Worship
the Lord with reverence, And rejoice with trembling. NASB

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Table of Contents
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Serve as a slave would obey
a masters commands.  Not service where you make up your own rules of service.

Rejoice, as in twirling
around, to move in a circle, as in the dancing or leaping of the heart.

With fear, as in awe,
reverence, or dread of loss, with the understanding that if you do not, then He
will arise against you and/or deny or remove blessings.

With trembling, as in a
feminine reaction, to shudder, to tremble as when a dearly loved one returns
home after a long absence. Trembling such that if you observe any opposition
against God, Christ, doctrine, or your spiritual life, then such opposition will
be met with overwhelming and just consequences.

Your emotions are thus a
mixture of awe and fear toward a God who is merciful and wonderful on the one
hand, and powerful and threatening on the other, depending on which side of
truth you subscribe your life.

From dust, God has made man.
From nothing, God has made humanity. From insignificant things, God has brought
life to each one of us, and has promised us not only eternal life, but an
inheritance beyond imagination, the value so vast, of which cannot be

Is that not worth, at
the very least, some of your attention?


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