Psalm 002:09

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Psalms 2:9

9 Thou
shalt break
[ra`a`] them with a rod [shebet] of
[barzel] thou shalt dash them in pieces [naphats] like a potter’s [yatsar]
[kaliy] KJV-Interlinear



9 ‘Thou
shalt break them with a rod of iron, Thou shalt shatter them like earthenware.’

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The phrase, rod of iron,
is an expression for a powerful scepter. A scepter is a symbol of authority and
power. However, in this case, the scepter is that of the Messiah’s to whom
authority and dominion over all of creation has been given.

The scepter symbolizes
power, authority, dominion, and sovereignty over the realm of the ruler. In
ancient times, kings and queens and so forth presumed total power over all
subjects in their realm, including the right to decide life or death.

In some cases royals would
decide based on evidence. In some cases royals would decide based on bias or
prejudice. In the hands of humanity, authority is always subject to abuses.

Often times kings would go
to war and expend tremendous resources in terms of both people and material,
and wars would typically last for years if not decades.

The Messiah, on the
other hand, possesses the power to dash His enemies into pieces, as easily as
dropping a clay pot on a hard surface.

Clay pots break easily,
and when they shatter, they shatter into many pieces and are rendered un-repairable
and totally useless.

Such is the power and
authority of Jesus Christ. His sovereignty is unmatched, unparalleled, and

God, the Trinity,
decided in eternity past, that this one individual, the Son, would represent
the Godhead in all capacities. This is for the purpose of separating out all
who would presume a relationship with God, by means of their own attributes. And
human attributes are laced through and through with sin, beginning with
arrogance, and continuing along in the imagination of humanity.

Therefore, in eternity
past, the second member of the Trinity was given a title, Son of God, given the
office of absolute King, King of kings and Lord of lords, given possession of
all of creation and more, His inheritance, and now we have the disclosure that
He possesses absolute authority and power, to carry out His will, and the
defeat of His enemies.


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