Psalm 002:08

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Psalms 2:8



8 Ask [sha’al] of me, and I shall give [nathan] thee the heathen [gowy] for thine
[nachalah] and the uttermost parts [‘ephec] of the earth [‘erets] for thy possession. [‘achuzzah] KJV-Interlinear



8 ‘Ask
of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Thy
possession. NASB

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This is God, all members
of the Trinity, who are all in total agreement with the divine plan, speaking
to God the Son, the one to whom the title, Son, was given, the one who is
designated to become the sovereign over all things.

Ask of me, is a statement
in which the one who is being asked, has the power and authority and resources
to answer and/or grant the thing being asked.

What is being asked? To
be given the nations and the ends of the earth.

Back in those ancient
days, the ends of the earth referred to all things everywhere. Today we would
refer to the entire universe and heaven combined.

Therefore, the question
indicates and reinforces that God owns all things, possesses all things, and
has the power and authority and right to give what He has, to anyone He
pleases. The one who pleases Him is in effect Himself, or more specifically the
Son, because it is of His work in truth, in creation, in salvation, in
spiritual growth, in providing for all of eternity, that pleases God.

Man cannot do any of
this, nor even come close.  Even though man presumes power and authority and self determination
over himself.

All nations, is a
reference to all groups, organized or otherwise, right down to the very last

The ends of the earth, is
a reference to all of creation and beyond.

This comment was recorded
in eternity past, before the angels, before the universe, before humanity ever
came into existence.

The destiny of that which
God possesses, creates, and controls, belongs solely in His and only His
sovereign will.

The reference to
inheritance utilizes the common practice or giving ones estate, to ones heir.

In ancient times it was
common to bequeath ones estate to the first born son, and if there were more
than one son, then the first born received a double portion to maintain the
bulk of the estate intact, and the rest was distributed to the others in equal
portions. There were even instances when daughters received a portion or all of
an estate.

If some of the children
turned out to be incorrigible or otherwise rebellious to the parents, then they
might not receive their portion of their inheritance, and then the other
children would receive more as the bad ones were cut out of the will.

The heathen,
is a reference to all who reject God, truth, Christ, the spiritual life as
defined by God, and so forth.

All unbelievers will be
cut out of the will and the family entirely.

Jesus Christ will receive
as His inheritance all that exists. This does not imply that God is going to
die, but is a statement that God has owned and controlled everything since
eternity past, and will continue to own and control everything into eternity
future. There will be nothing and no one who will change that fact, not Satan,
not man, no one.

All of the inventions and
designs of humanity will never change Gods plan.

Believers will also receive
an inheritance, jointly with Christ. Some, mature believers, will receive more,
others, immature believers will receive little if anything.

All believers will be in
heaven. All believers will have resurrection bodies. But, all rewards and blessings
for eternity will be dependent on each individuals
productive use, not works, of their spiritual life.

God has announced the
plan. It has been in existence since before all of creation. The plan will not
ever change.

God started out owning
and controlling everything.  God will end
up owning and controlling everything.

You can be a part of that
plan, or not.


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