Psalm 002:07

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Psalms 2:7



7 I will declare [caphar] the decree: [choq] the LORD [Yahovah] hath said [‘amar] unto me, Thou art my Son; [ben] this day [yowm] have I begotten [yalad] thee. KJV-Interlinear



“I will surely tell of the decree of the Lord: He said to Me, ‘Thou art My Son, Today I have begotten Thee. NASB

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Table of Contents
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This psalm opens up with
the question and purpose of humanity. ‘Why does man rage?’

Man rages because his
purpose is to separate himself from the bindings of Gods truth. Man pursues
lies, in other words. The underlying philosophy of man comes from Satan of
course, since it is Satan who is the father or originator of lies. Man is
simply following in the footsteps of Satan. And since mans plans all fail, then
man is filled with rage as a result of the frustration of his failed plans.

The psalm continues with
the purpose of God, which is to set His designated King into power and rule all
that exists.

Remember that this psalm
follows the first psalm, which teaches us that our ultimate goal in life is
happiness, and that happiness, or happiness’s comes only through truth. Truth begins
with the recognition of God, namely Christ as savior, and then doctrine for
growth to attain completeness in ones life.

Man rejects Gods mandates
for either salvation and/or growth, and therefore man never achieves happiness.

And then third, since man
has his stated purpose, and God has His stated purpose, then now, in our
current verse, God decrees His plan. To decree or to declare, here means to set
out as a law or final product. There will be no alterations, discussions,
adjustments, or changes in the Plan. It is set in stone, as it were, and is

And that decree was to
choose the one who would rule. That choice was made in eternity past, when God
begat, if you will, His plan for all of creation.

refers to eternity past.  Begotten,
refers to the decision as being made final.

The Lord said unto me,
makes it very clear that in eternity past, two individuals were speaking to
each other. The first individual is God, the Trinity, and the second individual
is the one designated as Son, the second member of the Trinity.

This is not a reference
to the mechanics of new birth of a new individual, but the designation of a
title. The title is Son of God. Jesus Christ has always existed. There was
never a time when He did not exist.

God looked down through
the tunnel of time and saw all of the attempts to bypass His plan, in mans
efforts to secure a relationship with God, apart from His plan. Man would lift himself up to Gods level, or bring God down to mans level,
by means of mans efforts and design.

Unfortunately, mans
efforts and design are all made up of lies, sin, and evil. All of mans plans
will end up in a disastrous history ending series of events that will come very
close to making man extinct.

Only God can save man
from himself.

Therefore, in eternity
past, all of the members of the Godhead came to the one and only conclusion,
that if they established a rule requiring man to approach God through their
designated intermediary, the Son, because of His and only His work for
salvation and not of works of mans own, then and only then will they, mankind,
be saved from eternal separation from God.

To reject the Son and
approach God through ones own works, which is sin,
would be rejected by God and salvation denied.

And then of course, in
history when the Son is actually born as a genuine human being, then that actual
birth will become the reality of the designation that was established long ago.  The Son, who is God, will become man, who is
human, and thus become the culmination of a plan that was set forth in eternity

This verse makes it very
clear that the Son is both God and man in one person, the unique person of the
universe, whom we know as Jesus Christ.


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