Psalm 002:06

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Psalms 2:6

6 Yet have
I set
[nacak] my king [melek] upon my
[qodesh] hill [har] of Zion. [Tsiyown]    KJV-Interlinear



6 “But
as for Me, I have installed My King Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”   NASB

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While it is mans plan to
cast off Gods rules and mandates, and go mans own way through eternity, it is
Gods plan to install truth and justice and place His own King into power to
rule forever.

This expression is
coming from God Himself.  God makes this statement in reply to mans statement
from verse three – to cast away their (Gods) cords, etc.

Man has his plans and
God has His plans, and neither set of plans are compatible with the other.

Verse three refers to
God in the plural, a reference to the Godhead (Trinity) from mans point of view,
in rejecting God, His plan, and His Savior and Ruler.  This verse refers to God
collectively in the singular, referring to all three members as one united
purpose and plan. 

Likewise, this verse
sets the stage for a strong relationship between God and His selected King
(verses man and mans selected rulers), and that this selected King will rule
from a Holy place, namely Mt. Zion – truth, (verses man who will rule from the
source of the world – imagined truth or lies).

Mt. Zion was, or is, the
southern hill in the city of Jerusalem.  It was the highest point within the
city.  Whereas Jerusalem is often called the city of peace, Zion is often
called the site of power, the holy hill, the hill of holiness, the residence of
God.  It was called that because it was set apart (separated from humanity, sin
and evil and death) and therefore became the symbolism of Gods residence.

No man can approach the
hill, Zion, unless they first enter (salvation) into the city, and then walk or
travel through the city (spiritual growth), and then gain full access to the
mountain (maturity).

However, Zion is the
residence of God, and to rule there and reside there, one must be Himself, God.

So this psalm is not
only setting into contrast mans plan verses Gods plan, but it is setting the
stage for presenting the King, Gods appointed, as one and the same as the
Messiah, Gods chosen, who is both man (born), and God (deity), in the same
person, the unique person of the universe, Jesus Christ.

‘God has set.’  This
indicates that Gods plan is the one and only plan which will prevail.  Mans
plan(s) will not.

Gods plan will prevail
on truth.  Mans plans are made up of nothing more than imagination (deceit,
lies, made up things).

God will carry forth His
own purpose and plan for all, despite all opposition and attempts of man (or
satan) to do otherwise.


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