Psalm 002:04

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Psalms 2:4



4 He that sitteth [yashab] in the heavens [shamayim] shall laugh: [sachaq] the Lord [‘Adonay] shall have them in derision. [la`ag]    KJV-Interlinear



4 He
who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.    NASB

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‘He,’ refers to God.  ‘That sits in the heavens,’ refers to the
unique and only God.  The Lord, ‘Adonay,’ refers to the personal address of God, namely the
Lord, namely Jesus Christ the promised savior, messiah, etc.

God sits in His heavens
the place of His throne and power and authority.  The place that sits higher
than any place on this earth or in this universe, possessing sovereignty over
all things.

Laughter is a human
feeling or characteristic attributed to God, an anthropopathism.  It typically ascribes some human
characteristic, such as hate or love, to God, which God does not display as we
do, per se, but this helps us to understand Gods policy in dealing with

Laughter toward heathens
(anyone who lacks truth or understanding), is a mocking characteristic.  Mocking is a sin, and God cannot sin,
therefore this describes His attitude or policy toward those who pursue their
own plans. Those who pursue plans with total ignorance.

God will have them in
derision or scoff at them, is another type of human characteristic used here to
describe not only Gods policy, but to also describe heathen mans own policy.

Derision, or scoff, ‘la`ag,’ means to deride, to stammer, to speak unintelligibly.  And this indicates not only Gods attitude,
but the perfect description of human policies.
They are empty, stammering, and unintelligible views of life, of the
world, of truth.  They miss the boat
completely when it comes to being able to decipher facts and reality.

In summary, then God
smiles in complete and total poise and quiet and control, executing His divine
plan systematically and methodically, without any skip or bump along the way,
while humanity stammers along with no clue as to what he is doing or where he
is going, pursuing empty goals, and the result is rage for humanity.

All of mans plans, though
numerous, fail.

single and all inclusive plan, succeeds despite the many attempts of humanity
to derail and disrupt and reject and sever themselves from Gods plan.

Anything that man does
which is not in compliance with Gods plan, is empty, unfulfilling, and will
result in total failure.  That inevitably
results in frustration, anxiety, hate and eventually rage (the inability to
control ones own life and destiny).


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