Psalm 002:03

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Psalms 2:3



3 Let us break [nathaq] their bands [mowcer] asunder, [nathaq] and cast away [shalak] their cords [`aboth] from us.    KJV-Interlinear



“Let us tear their fetters apart, And cast away
their cords from us!”    NASB

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Table of Contents
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When we began the study
of this psalm, the question was asked, ‘Why do the heathen rage?’

Then we discovered that
they take up counsel among themselves, rather than with God. 

Note that people have not
been around as long as God.  People don’t
have the documentation of history as well as God.  People do not have the facts of life with any
degree of accuracy as God has.  And yet
people will look to themselves for information through imagination (theory,
philosophy, religion), rather than hard facts through God.

And all of these people
are referred to as heathen, which is a descriptive term that applies to people
who lack truth, lack doctrine, lack an education, lack culture, lack an orientation
to life, lack a relationship with God, and so forth.  If you are not obedient to Gods will with
respect to your spiritual life, then you are a heathen (lacking truth in your

There are two forms of
knowledge – worldly and spiritual.
Worldly is tied to ones personal experiences
and knowledge from discovery.  Spiritual
truth incorporates all of those things, plus facts and a perfect alignment to

Worldly knowledge looks
at life through a dense fog, where all things cannot be seen nor
connected.  Spiritual truth looks at life
with perfect clarity, where all things can be seen and understood.

Worldly knowledge is the
sum total counsel of humanity, with some components of truth diluted with
massive components of human viewpoint.
It exists throughout government, throughout education, throughout social

There is one more
component of worldly knowledge, and that is the strong urge to free oneself
from God and truth.

In our current verse,
bands and cords are used to describe mans ties to God and reality, and their
desire to sever those ties.

Bands, ‘mowcer,’ typically identify the bindings which tie the yoke
to oxen.  The yoke is the wooden beam
that is used to tie a pair of oxen together for the purpose of doing their
work, but within the constraint of the yoke.
The yoke is controlled by the man driving the oxen.

aboth,’ refers

to the ropes that bind the oxen to the plow or the work they are intended to

Thus these terms describe
the rules of doctrine, truth, which are here to guide mans thoughts and

the spiritual life or production which are here to make man complete and
therefore useful for Gods intended purpose.

Those who lack truth wish
to depart from it (reject God), wish to go in their own direction (reject
doctrine), do what they want to do (reject Gods plan) making their own destiny.

The problem with all of
mans plans, is sin and death.  Sin
distorts all that man plans or does, and death represents mans complete
inability to control his own destiny, not to mention everything else he might want
to control in this world.

Man cannot control what will
happen tomorrow, cannot control the weather, let alone control the temperature
of the planet.

Most of that which occurs
in life is courtesy of Gods grace, all of it in fact,
and even those things we consider as repetitive or consistent in life, like the
sun rising each day, or the continuation of our employment each day, day after
day, are courtesy of Gods grace, and not a result of
our own effort or ingenuity.  Jesus
Christ controls history, not man.

But naïve man (that might
be you) wishes to depart from Gods control, wishes to
depart from Gods intended purpose for ones life.  Man would rather run away into oblivion with
not an ounce of brains or clue as to where he is headed, rather than follow Gods
course of guaranteed success and completeness to his life.

And finally, mans
rejection of God and Gods Savior, further indicates that man is rejecting God
and truth and life altogether.  The
invention of religion as a convenient substitute, does
not make that philosophy right, nor does it make it an acceptable substitute to
Gods plan.

Truth stands as it is and
cannot be altered.  Lies are what they
are, and will never become truth.


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