Psalm 002:02

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Psalms 2:2



2 The kings [melek] of the earth [‘erets] set [yatsab] themselves, and the rulers [razan] take counsel [yacad] together, [yachad] against the LORD, [Yahovah] and against his anointed, [mashiyach] saying,    KJV-Interlinear



2 The
kings of the earth take their stand, And the rulers
take counsel together Against the Lord and against His Anointed:    NASB

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Table of Contents
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First, the terms for
kings and rulers are general terminology referring to all manner of leaders or
people of influence among society.  Including
national leaders, elected and appointed officials, celebrities or otherwise
people in the news, leaders in industry or philosophy or education or science,
social clubs and so forth.  Certainly
leaders in religion are also included.

This counsel, ‘yacad,’ includes the pattern of thought that prevails
throughout society from all corners of the world, from all segments of society
whether personal or public, whether national policy or private conversation.

Therefore, why do heathen
(anyone who lacks truth) rage?  Because they
take counsel in thoughts and ideas and beliefs that are false.  They pursue ideas and philosophies that run
contrary to truth, contrary to divine establishment, contrary to doctrine, and
certainly against Christ.

Society sees itself as
self-sustaining, self-supporting, self-perpetuating, and capable of
self-determination in accordance with the wishes of humanity.  These views are all false.

The world as a general
rule, promotes ideas that are all contrary to truth.  Were it not for truth that stabilizes the fundamental
thought of society, the world would fall apart, or would have fallen apart long
ago.  It will certainly fall apart in the
future in the last days (the Tribulation), when the restraining ministry of
truth is lifted from the world at the Rapture.

All rejection is against
truth.  God is truth.  All rejection is against God.  Gods plan includes every piece of reality
that is factual and accurate, whether related to Christ, salvation and the
angelic conflict, whether related to science, math, genetics, physics or the
things of this universe, whether related to principles of establishment and the
correct functions of society, or whether related to the spiritual life and all
that it entails.

Gods overall objective in
life for you, is to bring you to a state of a relationship and completion to
Himself, resulting in blessings beyond your wildest dreams, and that occurs
through Jesus Christ, whom you must recognize, accept, and believe.

But accepting Christ as a
person is not enough.  That is a single
decision that occurs in the space of a single moment.  You must grow up in the knowledge of truth,
and that requires learning and spiritual growth during the course of the rest
of your life, otherwise, you will do what these verses say – raging because of
the counsel of lies.

What are lies?  All things that are against truth, God and
Christ, whether rejected or simply ignored.


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