Proverbs 03:13

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“The Bible is the window through which you may see truth, the door through which you may live it.”



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Proverbs 3:13


13 How blessed is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding. 14 For its profit is better than the profit of silver, And its gain than fine gold. 15 She is more precious than jewels; And nothing you desire compares with her. 16 Long life is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches and honor. 17 Her ways are pleasant ways, And all her paths are peace. 18 She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, And happy are all who hold her fast.







Proverbs 3:13




So we have seen that we need to invest time in learning doctrine. We need to put back into Bible teaching a small portion of which God provides to us. We need to bite our tongue when we get hammered with discipline from God, not blaming God but discovering and recognizing our failures. Most of our failures are mental, the poor me attitude, the bitterness against others attitude, or the envy of others attitude, or the judging of others attitude. So what is in it for us if we do these things?

God always makes it worth our while, He provides us with a tremendous profit for our investment. By the way He provided our original capital with which we could make an investment. That capital was time, doctrine, and volition. If we invest wisely, then we take home a huge profit. If we are unwise, then we lose our investment opportunities and our profits.

We are blessed. Blessings come in many forms. We receive mental blessings. Our mental capacities are such that we have poise, are not easily shaken in times of trouble. We can think when under pressure. We are calm and cool, not quick to make comments, but think through our thoughts and make the appropriate comments when necessary. Doctrine gives us all these mental characteristics and more.

We are blessed with material goods. God provides us with income, with, comforts and conveniences, with wealth in many different forms. God gives us success in our careers. Doctrine teaches us to study our chosen field thoroughly, so that we will be the best in our field, an expert, a professional, second to none in what we do. We practice our chosen profession and consequently advance in our careers because doctrine has given us a proper perspective, and an edge which others do not have.

Doctrine is better than silver and gold. Better than any wealth this earth has to offer. Material things cannot give you eternal life, can’t give you mental stability, can’t bless you as God can bless you. People hustle through life chasing the very things that God gives freely. With study in Bible doctrine, things come to you naturally. Other people who have no doctrine struggle desperately to gain what they can, only to lose it all when they come face to face with death.

Death is the bottom line in this life, the final moment of your life is death. Amazing how that simple concept eludes many. They ignore death. They get caught up in their fantasies, in the science fiction movies of the ‘advancement of mankind’, in their false concepts of technology and its capabilities of providing eternal life, which is all fiction. People lose themselves in their daily work, or social lives, in their vacations, and close their eyes to the inevitable. They do not invest the capital which God gave them.

More precious than jewels and the things you desire. We all have desires of having more than we actually have. Of living in the style of the rich and famous, without a care in the world. Just put it on my tab, attitude! But again desires are generally for the worldly things, the foods, the money, the wealth, the sex, the power, the travel, the things that most people define success by.

But doctrine can extend life. Worldly things cannot. Doctrine can make you wealthy forever. Worldly things cannot. In her right hand is life. A better life now, and eternal life forever with God. In her left hand are riches and honor. God honors each person who advances to maturity. Note that this is not based on anything you do, not based on how much you give, but is based on the content of your soul. That content of Bible doctrine which determines your attitude in life.

Only pleasant things and peace come from doctrine. Nothing bad ever comes from doctrine in your soul. God is the source of good. Rejection of God brings bad. Pleasant things include the things that make our life more comfortable and enjoyable. Peace comes form the soul and the inner happiness that we gain when we have Bible doctrine in our soul. Doctrine cover the entire spectrum of our life, inside and out. The tree of life which was first introduced in the Garden to Adam, was Bible doctrine, Gods Word. Doctrine has always existed, as God has always existed. Adam had the total scope of doctrine in his day, just as we have it in writing today. Anyone who seizes doctrine, anyone who has lived from Adam’s day to the present, has had the opportunity to enter into Gods rest and obtain peace and prosperity in their life.

Anyone who pursues doctrine as they would something of great value, will with a certainty advance to spiritual maturity, and will attain the happiness that eludes so many people who ignore God. With doctrine, success is certain. Without it, failure is certain. We have a choice each day as to which we prefer.





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