Proverbs 03:08

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Proverbs 3:8

8 It will be healing to your body, And refreshment to your bones. 9 Honor the LORD from your wealth, And from the first of all your produce; 10 So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine.







Proverbs 3:8




‘It’, doctrine in our soul, will become the healing of our body, a rejuvenation to the bones, the very structure of your body. Notice that real healing begins in the soul. A healthy soul overflows to a healthy body. Despite any afflictions you might have, they would be far worse if you had no spiritual growth. Bible doctrine in your soul gives you the capacity, the fortitude, the courage to endure far greater discomforts then the common person without doctrine could possibly handle.

If times of stress or pressure hit you, and they will sooner or later, then with doctrine you will be able to handle the problem. People who lack doctrine will generally fall apart when hit with tremendous catastrophes. So God commands us to be wise in His wisdom, not our own, and to look to His resources, not to our own. This prepares us for life in this imperfect life. Imperfections hit us all in some way. Whether it be some kind of genetic defect, or an environmental cause, or a social problem, or whatever, we will all face trouble, or encounter others in trouble. Doctrine provides you with clear thinking when all other fall apart. In addition, when distress strikes you personally, you will still be able to maintain your poise and get through the problem. A healthier soul and a healthier body go hand in hand. This does not make you an super athlete, but you will be healthier than you would normally be otherwise if you had no doctrine in your soul.

Since we honor the Lord with doctrine in our souls, we are next commanded to honor the Lord with our riches, our wealth. Doctrine comes from God to nourish our souls and to help us grow up spiritually. God is also the source of everything we have. Our income, our assets, our wealth. And we are commanded to give from the first of our income. God is to be first in our giving, in our charity to His work and to others. We, each of us are required to give to whatever service is fitting, which promotes the teaching of Bible doctrine. You may have a local study group, a local church, something which you consider valid in the teaching of Gods Word. What ever it is, you have an obligation to give back to God. How do you do this? By opening up you pocket book and writing a check to whomever. God doesn’t haggle with you over trading your time. He expects your time to be spent in learning doctrine and in teaching others when the opportunity arises. This set of verses deals with the subject which is near and dear to all of our hearts, or better put, our bank accounts. We all cringe when we need to write a check for something. We worked so hard to get it, but did we? God provided the means, the work, the investment, the production. We need to humble ourselves and honor God first and on an ongoing and repetitive basis, rather than honoring ourselves. We give from our excesses. We never sacrifice our family for charity. But God knows what your basic needs are and what your excesses are. You too need to make this decision and in an objective manner. Do not rationalize yourself out of giving. You can’t fool God. So do not pretend the desire to give, and really horde for yourself. Grow up and understand that God provided initially, and He will provide again. You do not lose when you give.

‘So your barns will be filled with plenty’. Your barns and vats of wine come from Gods ongoing provision. Your month to month revenue. You cannot bribe God either. All these commands go hand in hand. First doctrine in the soul and spiritual growth, then understanding and orientation to life. God provides and you give back. God provides more, and you give more. You do not concern yourself with what you are giving up. You are thankful you have an opportunity to give back from what God has given you initially. You do not give from deceit or for public popularity while really regretting the giving. You give from the privacy of your own soul. God knows what your heart thinks, what your motives are, and His opinion is the only one which counts.

You become charitable rather than selfish. You give without strings attached. You give from your heart because that is where true charity begins, but you part with the earthly things you have to demonstrate that you are not attached to your wealth and that you understand that God could take it all away in an instant anyway. So you give out of fear of the Lord. He who disobeys God faces the repercussions of that violation. Better to be on the good side with God. You do not concern your self with the quality of the party to whom you are giving. God deals with them. You have no right to judge, nor withhold giving by rationalizing they do not deserve it. The world is full of good causes, both religious and charitable. You have a responsibility to find one and help it out.

The Israelites did not give, they did not follow the commands of God to rest as commanded, to give as commanded, and God decided to force them into a rest, into slavery, and for 400+ years. If you do not do what you are expected to do voluntarily, then God will take from you to demonstrate that you really can survive with the loss, and to hopefully open your eyes to your own refusal to share that which He really provided.





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