Proverbs 03:05

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“The Bible is the window through which you may see truth, the door through which you may live it.”



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Proverbs 3:5

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.







Proverbs 3:5




There are two sources of thought, God, and that which isn’t God. Mankind and angels are the sources of thought which do not come from God. Obviously we are not God, though some might think pretty highly of themselves.

Some categorize these sources of thought as spiritual and carnal, but whatever you want to call it, God is the source and the only source of truth in all realms of reality, both the physical and the spiritual. Mans truth is based on empiricism and the discovery of academic data. Some things are findings of truth by discovery, like in the field of mathematics or science and such, other portions of mans knowledge are based on conjecture in philosophies and such, and of course we tend to blend the truth with the false and get things all mixed up as the imaginations run loose.

What does God tell us? Lean on God, not on your own source of understanding. Study doctrine and of course you have to do that in order to know what it is that God teaches. If you do not learn it, you can’t know it. And to know doctrine you have to get with the learning program. Seems simple enough, but how many do not seem to get it? Leaning on Gods wisdom doesn’t come from your IQ, your physical ability, your looks, you bank account. It comes from your heart, your soul. That is where doctrine resides and it gets there via the human spirit because doctrine is communicated to your human spirit by the Holy Spirit. Spirit to spirit. A supernatural mechanism of communication based on faith, not empiricism, not on logic, not on anything human or otherwise.

God levels the playing field and makes us all equal and gives us all equal opportunity when it comes to learning Bible doctrine. Our IQ is not an issue, and not even involved in our learning Bible doctrine. A person who is as dumb as a rock can learn Bible doctrine and become a spiritual giant. The opportunity is available to everyone. Unfortunately ‘smarter’ people think that the Bible is just a story book and smile at the ‘silliness’ when others present the Bible to them. If they only opened their eyes. But when you are somewhat prosperous, the importance of God is low on your priorities. Only when major disaster strikes, when you are set back on your rear hard, losing everything, without insurance, without some mechanism of recovery, when the meteor hits you in the head, only then do people wake up and cry out to God, someone whom they had little regard for when things were ‘rosy’.

Acknowledge Him, trust in God. Too many don’t see how these phrases work. They are meaningless phrases to those who are immature, or disinterested. How do we trust? How do we acknowledge? Simple. We obey Gods commands. We start by being positive and desiring to know more about God. Then we learn how to get into Gods presence, onto His Holy ground, which is the fellowship status in our life. Then we study regularly and daily and learn Hid Word. We look past the repetition. We look past all the warnings that teach us to stay with doctrine or else. The Bible is filled with them. We stop wondering how we learn anything when all we seem to read is trust, learn, obey. The we read all the stories and ask what is the point of the story. What is the lesson. What is the application to our life. Elijah stayed with a woman who was told to gather jars for oil and them take the single jar and fill up all the other jars. And the single jar filled up many, many other jars. What is the lesson? God provides endlessly. Everyone who reads this has probably eaten a meal or two today, and yesterday and before. You have jobs or income of some kind. Even in bleak times, something has always come up to get you by, whether it was last week or five years ago. You are still here. When you were born you had no ability to support yourself, your parents or someone supported you. You were fed and changed. Today you are still being fed and changed by God. He has always provided for you and always will. So do not worry about tomorrow. Wonder where that phrase came from!

Trust in God takes on a lot of meanings depending on your application. When you sleep, you are totally helpless. Some people have phobias for nearly anything you can imagine, but trusting in God, can solve them. Faith is a powerful healer if applied properly.

So we lean on God, we acknowledge Him in all our ways. We say our prayers each morning and evening, at each, meal and probably at other times in the day. Whatever is appropriate for you and doesn’t make you a danger to others. You do not close your eyes in prayer while driving down the highway. Common sense has to have some play in your life too. We make the right decisions. Do we rob the bank or don’t we? Hummm?? What do you think? And the tougher questions. Do we marry? Do we take the job? Do we buy the dress or suit? Do we eat another donut? Do we rebel? Do we seek revenge to get even? Do we gossip to hurt others?

Doctrine teaches morality. It teaches right from wrong. We live our life as unto God. We use doctrine to guide our lives. We do not look into ourselves for the rationalization of what is right or wrong. We turn our thoughts to doctrine, which should be in our soul, but is from God, not us. We recognize the repercussions of rejecting or ignoring God and we realize the tremendous loss in our lives if we get sloppy in our thinking and reject God. So the fear of God rises in our thoughts and we have created in us a deep respect for what God does for us, and for what God could do to us if we get stupid so to speak.

With doctrine in the soul, the decisions become easier, and the right decisions are made from a position of strength. The strength comes from doctrine which we know, because we have learned it, and because we are obeying Gods commands. We turn to God and we turn away from that which is not from God.





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Keep in the Word, Isa. 41:10.