Proverbs 01:21

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Proverbs 1:21

Why is Truth Difficult to Find


21 She crieth [qara’] in the chief place [ro’sh] of concourse [hamah], in the openings [pethach] of the gates [sha`ar]: in the city [`iyr] she uttereth [‘amar] her words [’emer], saying,   KJV-Interlinear


21 at the head of the noisy streets she cries out; at the entrance of the city gates she speaks: ESV

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Two types of believers exist in Christianity. The first, say that they want wisdom, but are in fact, indifferent, not lifting a finger to seek out instruction, and therefore learn nothing. It is they who will be the big losers in life.

The second type, is a much smaller group of Christians, who strongly desire to learn, and actually make an effort to seek out instruction in Bible doctrine. It is they who will be the big winners in life.

The word of truth, cries out in all public places. Truth saturates the universe, and makes itself known, in one way or another, to everyone.

The chief places of concourse, described the head of a roadway complex, or the head of a river complex, such as was described in Genesis 2, where the word for chief place, was used to refer to the point at which the four streams branched off.

Bible doctrine, or truth, positions is self at the beginning of everything in life. It carries itself through the course of life, down every road, down every river, everywhere that people are.

It is impossible to live in this world, and not see truth, or Bible doctrine.

The city gates, represent the public places where business and commerce are conducted, and where courts of justice, and legal transactions are conducted.

In one way or another, truth enters in and touches everyone’s life.

And how, anyone can live their life, and ignore or remain indifferent toward truth, and learn absolutely nothing, is almost beyond comprehension.

And yet the greater portion of society remains indifferent, and lazy, and simply will not pursue the learning of truth, which is the building material in the construction of ones soul.

No material, means no construction. No construction, means no completion. And that is the sad state of the soul of the individual, especially those who talk the talk, but in fact do nothing.

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