Proverbs 01:20

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Proverbs 1:20

Why Does No One Hear


20 Wisdom [chokmowth] crieth [ranan] without [chuwts]; she uttereth [nathan] her voice [qowl] in the streets [rachob]:   KJV-Interlinear


20 Wisdom cries aloud in the street, in the markets she raises her voice;  ESV

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Wisdom saturates the environment in which we live, and yet so many lack wisdom because they refuse the instruction which teaches wisdom. Far too many live their lives as spiritual infants. They want everything done for them, and resist pursuing, because they lack self-motivation.

Wisdom here is spoken in the plural, and in the feminine voice.

In the society of men, the female voice is pleasant, appealing, and sought after.

Wisdom is in the plural, because it covers every aspect of life, and every aspect of creation, and every aspect of reality.

Wisdom cannot be known by default.

Just as an infant grows into a child, and then grows into an adult, at some point in their life they have to accept responsibility for learning and advancing in their life. Those who refuse to listen, those who refuse to make the effort to receive instruction and learn, will always have the attitude that things have to be done for them, and will never be motivated to seek out truth.

The Bible emphasizes teaching and instruction in order to learn the principles taught within it.

Most people agree to the concept, but do not practice it.

And yet we are told within this verse, that wisdom is all around us, and it cries out publicly, and is not hidden in secret places, but is available for everyone to see and possess.

And yet the greater portion of society does nothing.

And that is the biggest failure of anyone’s individual life. When wisdom is there for the taking, but laziness takes precedent over individual initiative and desire to learn.

No one has an excuse.

Wisdom is there, instruction is there, both of which are easily accessible.

In centuries past, there was not the widespread availability of printed Bibles, nor the Internet, nor any of our current communication technologies.

But today, the entire world has phenomenal access to virtually every known piece of knowledge that exists.

Unfortunately, with this phenomenal availability of Bible doctrine, and instruction, and opportunity to learn, people still fail in that process.

And what is amazing, is that knowing all of this, society and history are driving at a fast pace into an era of apostasy and indifference toward truth.

When the rapture occurs, whenever that may be, the worlds population will have absolutely no excuse, for the poor spiritual condition that will exist at that time.

Opportunity is at its greatest point now, and as the years and decades role by in the future, opportunity can only increase and get better.

And yet wisdom in all of its vastness, is ever present, and will never go away, and will always be there.

The only thing to be decided for you, will be what your decisions and actions demonstrate as to your genuine interest, and desire, and self-motivation are going to be. And whether you will be numbered among the greater population that won’t do anything and won’t learn anything, or whether you will be numbered among the few, who will actually seek out and learn Bible doctrine.

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