Overview of Christianity – 5 Resurrections

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Overview of Christianity

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Throughout most of human history there are no resurrections. All who are born into this world eventually die and leave this world for some other place.

During the Old Testament times, all unbelievers upon their death, went to a place called Torments, while all believers went to a place called Paradise. Both of these destinations were located in the underworld called Hades (the Greek word), also called Sheol (the Hebrew word).

The underworld, called Hades or Sheol, also called the land of the dead, has four compartments – paradise, torments, tartarus, and the abyss.

Paradise – the location of all Old Testament believers. All people who believed in the messiah, the savior, who we now know as Jesus Christ, when they died, went to Paradise.

Torments – this is the destination of all unbelievers from throughout all of human history.

Tartarus – this is the destination of all disobedient angels from Genesis six, or those who disobeyed and engaged in sex and had offspring with human women, in their attempt to destroy a pure human race.

Abyss – this is the residence of some of the really bad demons of the pre-historic era. They will be released for a short time, during the Tribulation, to plague the worlds population.

With all life, comes death, and with death, the end is not yet.

For with death comes a resurrection, which will lead you back to life, or to eternal condemnation, depending on your spiritual status in life.

The resurrections are divided into two groups – first fruits is the first group which will occur in four different resurrections, and then the second or rejected fruits which is a single and final or fifth resurrection.

First Resurrection – Jesus Chrst. This occurred three days after the Cross. He was resurrected as the first of the first fruits.

Second Resurrection – Church Age believers. This will occur at the Rapture, for all Church Age believers. These are all believers who have lived since after the Cross until the moment of the Rapture. We

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