Overview of Christianity – 4 Outline of History

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Overview of Christianity
Outline of History

(Part 4 of 8)


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Given the differences between Christianity and everything else, and the design of the permanent relationship between God and man, an overall outline of history needs to be explained.

Unfortunately far too many people believe that history began with the six days of creation of the earth, as they call it.

Not so.

The Bible is very clear as to the many era’s of time that have existed, and their sequence historically.

Likewise we have many physical evidences that demonstrate a greater history than simply the creation of man and earth.

Evidences such as dinosaur bones, and the ability to date many of those bones. The discovery of two different types of human type creatures, categorized in science as Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal, both separate and distinct from each other and from current humanity, by virtue of DNA tests. And thus leading to theories of a ‘missing link’ as far as evolution tries to connect those two to our current human existence.

As for the Bible, there is a definite sequence in the chronology of time and history.

God – first there was God. God existed in eternity past. There never was a time when God did not exist.

Angels – angels were all created instantly and simultaneously. God created the angels out of nothing.

Universe – while the angels were all happy and contented, God created the universe, again simultaneously and instantly, and God created the universe out of nothing. Within this universe was planet earth, together with all of its natural plant and animal life.

Revolt and Judgment – at some point, Satan revolted and brought chaos and destruction to the universe and especially to planet earth. The earth became null and void. The worlds life became destroyed and extinct of which we have many proofs. We can only guess as to the duration of this era. But it was not God who destroyed the earth, it was Satan.

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