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Isaiah 32:9

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9 Rise up [quwm], ye women [‘ishshah] that are at ease [sha’anan]; hear [shama`] my voice [qowl], ye careless [batach] daughters [bath]; give ear [‘azan] unto my speech [‘imrah].   KJV-Interlinear


9 Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech. ESV

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After first promising the grace of God to faithful believers, the language changed in order to make clarify that hypocrites and deceitful people will not be included in that grace. And now comes the criticism of the people at ease, comfortable in their lives, and not concerned with any pending threats against them or their livelihood.

The term for women, is used in the general sense, describing those who do not listen to instruction, describing those who, as a result, who do not learn, and therefore describing those going right into oblivion without a care or a second thought, before they realize their error, and that it is too late to avoid the destruction that has already come.

The precedent comes from the story of Eve in the garden, wherein she did not listen to instruction carefully, and therefore came to the wrong conclusion regarding the forbidden tree, wherein she thought that touching it, was also forbidden, and touching the tree was never mentioned as a part of the restriction.

Eve’s failure to listen and learn, left her open to the deceit of Satan, which left her open to drawing additional wrong conclusions, regarding being as smart as God, and therefore Satan was able to fool her.

And so the pattern of Eve in rejecting authority and therefore indifferent, is applied to the pattern of everyone who does not receive instruction in Bible doctrine, and therefore does not learn, and therefore are left open to false ideas and wrong conclusions.

And this weak spiritual state, prevents a person from seeing the obvious, and therefore unaware of the destruction that the world has set before them.

And therefore the warning, rise up, hear my voice, give ear to my speech. Which is the command that everyone needs to obey, with regard to learning Bible doctrine and therefore developing understanding and discernment, as well as producing wisdom, true wisdom, within the soul.

Complacent daughters, describe anyone and everyone who is indifferent towards truth in the teaching of the word of God.

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