Isaiah 32:05

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Isaiah 32:5

Call It Like It Is


5 The vile person [nabal] shall be no more called [qara’] liberal [nadiyb], nor the churl [kiylay] said [‘amar] to be bountiful [showa`].   KJV-Interlinear


5 The fool will no more be called noble, nor the scoundrel said to be honorable.  ESV

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The vile person, describes a person who is tightfisted, miserly, narrow-minded, covetous, and can generally be described as a fool.

The word for liberal, nadiyb, refers to a person who has a perverted view of right and wrong, a person who is unprincipled, a person who is superficial and impressed with flattery.

Churl, refers to someone who is rude, surly, ill bred, ill mannered, a miserly type of deceiver and a fraud with respect to their personal character and values.

Bountiful, is a reference to the personal character of a person with regard to their honor or integrity, or lack thereof.

This verse describes the end of these types of persons. It describes the end of political correctness, or superficiality, or refusal to call something what it really is.

This applies to the kingdom of God, when Jesus Christ establishes that kingdom at the second advent, and further emphasizes the end of the false and phony characteristics that have come to saturate society as we know it today.

In other words, a lie will be called a lie, the false will be called the false, the dishonorable will be called dishonorable. There will be no more calling something noble, when it really isn’t.

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