Introduction to Gods Plan

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Introduction to Gods Plan

God is three in persons that make up the Godhead, and one in essence.  All three members possess the same essence.  Thus one God, but three individual persons.

In eternity past all three members to the Godhead, decided to create angels, the universe, and man, and to carry out and/or allow the history that we have seen.

One of the big concerns was the existence of arrogance, which was inevitable.  And that would cause a separation between God, who is perfect, and creation, which would become imperfect.

Imperfect angel and man, always rebel against authority and rules, and want to do things their own way, which way is always wrong.

So, God established a hierarchy within the Godhead designated as the Father, Son and Spirit.  The Father being the designated head, the Son being the designated heir, and the Spirit being the designated power. This in no way made any of the members of the Godhead less than the others, for they are all co-equal and co-eternal and co-infinite, but it did create a set of rules by which God could easily carry out His plan of grace.

Inevitably Satan wanted to be like the most high, and sit in the throne to the north, a position which was to there right hand of the Father.  That is where Jesus Christ is right now.

So, very early on, Satan rejected Christ and Gods plan.

Likewise, man rejects Christ in favor of the many religions and philosophies that are in existence today, distorting who and what Christ is.

And by the way all of this is spelled out in the first several psalms, combined with many other passages in the Bible, which we have studied in detail, for those who actually take the time to participate in the daily study.

And so, the Son of God is not an offspring of God, but a title, which becomes a stumbling block for those who reject Gods plan for salvation through Christ.

Man and angel want to go directly to the Father, or at the very least circumvent the Son.  But the plan of grace says, no, you must approach through the Son, thus the Son is the stumbling block for those who reject Gods plan.  This is why we have three titles, and all traffic to the Father goes through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Thus to reject Gods plan is to reject God.

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