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Genesis 1:6-8
6 And God [elohiym] said [amar], Let there be a firmament [raqiya] in the midst [tavek] of the waters [mayim], and let it divide [badal] the waters [mayim] from the waters [mayim].

7 And God [‘elohiym] made [asah] the firmament [raqiya], and divided [badal] the waters [mayim] which [aher] were under [tachath] the firmament [raqiya] from the waters [mayim] which [aher] were above [al] the firmament [raqiya]: and it was so [ken].

8 And God [elohiym] called [qara] the firmament [raqiya] Heaven [shamayim]. And the evening [ereb] and the morning [boqer] were the second [sheniy] day [yowm]. KJV-Interlinear



6 Then God said, ‘Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.’ 7 And God made the expanse, and separated the waters which were below the expanse from the waters which were above the expanse; and it was so. 8 And God called the expanse heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day. NASB







Genesis 1:6-8



Again the power of Gods Word. He ‘said’. God spoke and it happens. The creation of the universe is said to be finger work, something easy for him to accomplish Psa. 8:3. His throne is in a place far separated from earth and mankind above the expanse, above the heavens, above the atmosphere, above the earth, Eze. 1:26.

Also God rules from his heavens and resides in His height, in the heavens above, Dan. 4:26, Job 22:12.

Now we have the formation of the heavens by God. God does all of His work in the light, so that it is visible to all. God hides nothing from us. In Him there is no deceit, no sin, nothing to hide. Only the beauty of truth and His purpose for our benefit. In darkness those who seek evil, who seek their self centered ways, who manufacture up from the privacy of their thoughts and in secrecy so as to work their wickedness. Therefore, hidden from all who might see and betray or prevent their evil tactics.

Here God performs His works in the light so all may see. The word this time for ‘made’ the expanse is ‘asah’ to form or make from a pattern. Unlike the word ‘bara’ previously seen where God ‘created’ out of nothing the heaven and earth, ‘asah’ refers to the making in accordance of a pattern, a predetermined plan. The earth existed prior to this time with the dinosaur’s and such, so the earth is simply being redone after that same pattern.

We here have the first indication of the plan previously decided, and the pattern of the atmosphere being divided in two distinctive partitions. The atmosphere above the earth, the visible portions of air and gases and clouds that make up the atmosphere, and the hidden portions below the waters of the oceans. The surface is seen but the contents below are not readily seen without additional investigation.

Bible doctrine is readily available to all who seek it, but the darker side of life is hidden and cannot be understood without education, true education, which comes from Gods Word. Even those who practice the dark aspects of life, their sinful and evil and wicked ways, do not understand what pattern of life they are following.

From the heavens come the water of life, Amos 9:6. God does not wait on the actions of man or any other created being, Micah 5:7. God distinguishes the sources of life and pseudo life, Deu. 11:10-11. The waters from heaven are like the rains that provide life to Canaan (the promised land) verses the sources of the water from beneath the earth which are from Egypt (the land of slavery). All good things come from above, not from below, from God, not from the world nor anything in creation.

So God made the expanse, the atmosphere, and divided it between the atmosphere above and the oceans below. In the air where we breath there is life, human life and a life sustaining medium. Man was not designed to be an animal or fish in the sea, to breath water as it were, but to receive life from above the earth, from heaven, not from beneath the earth, the source of darkness or Satan’s domain.

God does not wait for permission to execute his plan. He does not depend on the actions or resources of mankind to effect His plan. He works without regard to human or angelic means. By His word all things were created and are sustained.

Then God named the expanse and He called it heaven. Again God commands all things under creation and names them as well. Just as He named the light and the darkness, now he names the atmosphere and again distinguishes between the source of life from the upper atmosphere levels, the air and such, and the lower levels beneath the surface of the waters of the oceans.

And with one more rotation of the earth, and in one days time He accomplished His purpose for the second day. What God wills, God accomplishes without regard to the state of the earth, without regard to the state of the environment. God has but only to speak and the event occurs. In a very methodical way, God is establishing His dominion over creation and the restoration of the earth. Evolution has no basis in fact, but only presumption from subjective observation and conjecture.

This is the first heaven. In 2 Cor. 12:2, Paul refers to Gods throne room as the third heaven. The stars and such of outer space become the second heaven by inference. God created an environment for mankind to live in. A little piece of His own heaven, but with the distinguishing feature of the separation from the third heaven and our little heaven by a tremendous distance that even now we can not measure with any kind of accuracy. The more we see through the telescopes the more we realize that the universe is much larger than first thought . Such is the distance between God’s essence and that of man. Each time we think we know it all, we have only to look skyward to see how very small we really are.





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