Genesis 01:02


Genesis 1:2

2 And the earth [erets] was [hayah] without form [tohuw], and void [bohuw]; and darkness [choshek] was upon the face [paniym] of the deep [tahowm]. And the Spirit [ruwach] of God [‘elohiym] moved [rachaph] upon [al] the face [paniym] of the waters [mayim]. KJV-Interlinear

2 And the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. NASB






Genesis 1:1




Formless and void comes from two words in the Hebrew – ‘toho’ and ‘bohu’. These refer to a formless state of confusion. The earth was not created this way, but became this way. Satan has already rebelled against God, and in his (Satan’s) brilliant wisdom, screwed up the world. Gods work of creation was perfect, Deu. 32:34, Matt. 5:48, Gods work is always perfect. The world became chaos as a result of Satan’s actions, Isa. 14:17.

Genesis chapter one, lists the order of God’s initial creation, then Satan’s messing it up, then God restoring it (earth) back again in six days. This restoration will take place in the next few verses.

Dinosaurs are not a part of mans history, but prior to it. Archeology supports this. Dinosaurs lived long before mankind. Forget those cute little blondes in the cave man movies. Adam was created in the garden and did not live with the dino’s. The Bible is pretty clear in its list of the generations from Adam to Abraham, to David, to Christ. Dinosaurs just do not fit in.

But they did fit in prior to man’s history. Satan tried to order the world, but in his arrogance and evil he demonstrated the very attitude that man demonstrates in mans arrogance. The arrogant man is selfish, uncaring, cruel. He pollutes the world, tries to destroy the wildlife and so forth. Man is even cruel to his own kind in criminal activity, social activity, snobbishness and the like.

‘And darkness was over the surface of the deep.’

So Satan made the world formless and void. God did not create this darkness, but the light was removed from the earth, thus destroying it. A picture of spiritual death. Light originates from God, this is wisdom, orientation to reality etc. Satan rejected God and thus removed the light from the earth. Therefore, the variety, beauty, exactness, power, order and mystery of the earth were diminished into a blob of useless mush, which once was a planet.

Your life becomes just that when you reject God. By pursuing your own course and rejecting the creator of this universe, the creator that holds the universe with the power of His word, then you reject that bonding ingredient which holds life together. You fly apart eventually, certainly when you reach the moment of your death.

This chaos represents the state of an unregenerate graceless soul. There is disorder, confusion, and every evil work. It is empty of all good, because it’s without God. It is dark, it is darkness of the soul, darkness of life.

‘..and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters.’

Just as Elijah laid on the body of the child to bring life back into it, so God the Spirit now lays over the earth to bring life back into it. Apart from God, there is no life. Life only can result from the insertion of it (life) by God into some vessel. The earth was breathed into by God, and life came back into it.

When you are born, God breathes life into your soul and you spring to life, that is human life imputed into your soul. When you believe in Christ, the Holy Spirit regenerates and human spirit in you and God imputes eternal life into that vessel. So all life comes from God. God regenerated life into the earth and thus biological life comes from God, just as your human life, and your eternal life also come from God.

By the way we are also introduced to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of God, who provided the sustaining and restraining ministry for planet earth, and us of course.

The angels were witness to these events. They saw the creation of the universe, and the destruction of earth, which was but one little planet in all the vastness of the universe. Satan could not even maintain one little planet, yet God maintains the entire universe.

Now another demonstration is about to unfold. The earth will not only be restored by God, but the real focal point of His plan for history and the revelation of the replacement of the angels in their capacities, by mankind, a lower being, will be made known as well.





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