Genesis 01:01


Genesis 1:1


Genesis 1:1

1 In the beginning [re’shiyth] God [elohiym] created [bara] [eth] the heaven [shamayim] and [eth] the earth [erets]. KJV-Interlinear

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. NASB








Genesis 1:1


‘In the beginning’ refers to eternity past. In a beginning which was not a beginning, in eternity past. This is a time certainly prior to mankind, prior to animals, prior to the dinosaurs, prior to the universe being created, and prior to the creation of angels. In terms of years, it cannot be calculated. Eternity past is forever ago. Difficult to comprehend since we live our lives around time, things starting and ending, morning and night, days, months, years, and so forth.

But, long ago God existed when nothing else existed, and in His sovereignty, He decided to share all this universe with others, others he would create, not to be robots, not mechanical things that would do His bidding, but with creatures that had mentality and volition, and self-determination of sorts. Creatures that would choose for or against God.

So who is God? This is a reference to the plural form of God ‘Elohim’. There are other references to God, such as ‘Adonai’, ‘Jehovah’, and ‘Yahweh’. Depending on the context, the particular person of the Godhead can be determined by the words used. There are three members of the Godhead – Father, Son, and Spirit. Often times the Spirit of God is used as the reference to the Holy Spirit.

So, ‘In the beginning God’ (God in its plural form), refers to all three members of the Godhead. The Father planned the events of history, the Son executed the plan, and the Holy Spirit communicates the plan.

On the web site Index page you should find a diagram of God and the trinity. The term trinity is not ever found in the Bible, but it is a theological term which refers to the three members of the Godhead. All co-equal and co-eternal, but independent personalities. They all have the same essence.

If you refer to the diagram you will see this refers to the ten essence characteristics of God, beginning with His righteousness and justice and moving to the omni’s. Each member of the Godhead is omniscient and consequently, they each know everything there is to know. None of the members of the Godhead are subordinate to the others. However, for our benefit, there is reference made throughout the scriptures of the Son being in obedience to the Fathers plan.

This is for our benefit and understanding that all members of the Godhead are in total agreement as to the plan that has been laid, and this helps each of us to orient to authority and the various principles which apply to life.

So God is introduced here in the opening verse, and is referred to throughout the scriptures, with the key member of the Godhead, Jesus Christ, being the primary subject of the scriptures. Emphasis is made to Gods plan in the scriptures, and to orienting to God and His plan, with the results being only good and blessing.

When man or angel goes against God then only trouble results. No created being can come close to Gods knowledge or wisdom. Certainly in today’s world with the explosion in technological discovery the more we learn, the more we should learn that we do not know. But limiting ourselves to the physical world severely restricts us in our overall knowledge. The spiritual world is a much greater arena and the only access to it is through Bible doctrine. And the only access to Bible doctrine must come in accordance with Gods plan.

So God not wanting to be alone, but was perfectly satisfied with His existence, sought to create beings that could share this universe and life. God created a realm of angels, and together God and angels lived in the empty universe (see the Angelic Conflict study). But that was not the end of it. God demonstrated His power and wisdom to the angels by creating out of nothing, the universe.

In an instant He created the universe, and the angels sang together. The rebellion of Lucifer had not yet occurred. As the angels witnessed first hand the creation of the universe out of nothing.

The word for created is ‘bara’, which means to create out of nothing. We have our laws of science which state that matter can be neither created nor destroyed, but changes its form constantly. However, here we see that God created matter out of nothing.

In the emptiness of space there was only one source of light, which was God. The angelic realm could see very clearly everything, that there was to see that is. When God created the universe he demonstrated His power and the expanse of the universe. Now there was a depth added to the universe. From end to end, the universe was unbelievably huge.

Today science thinks that the universe is about 13 or 14 billion light years in diameter. But as the Hubble telescope finds more evidence of galaxies, and as technology advances, we only discover that there is even more that we have not discovered. Not only can we look skyward and see that we are very insignificant, but the angels could see that as well. They were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

‘… and the earth.’

So now we have a focus on the little planet earth. When God created earth, He created it in perfect condition. He also makes reference to one little tiny planet out of billions upon billions in this universe, where history will unfold. Are there beings elsewhere in the universe? Only angelic beings coming and going back and forth between heaven and earth. The Bible tells us there is only one God, one savior, one sacrifice, one Lord. We are heirs to the universe jointly with Christ. Christ did not go to the Cross here and again to the Cross in another galaxy. This is the only place in the universe where creatures exist.

So planet earth becomes the focus of history. God so confines it to earth as to bring to light the purpose and wisdom of Himself verses the challenges made by Satan. God has already demonstrated to the angels His power in the creation of the universe and this planet.

Now there are animals in the era of the dinosaurs that had been created to demonstrate to the angels that other forms of life can be created as well, and that they could be confined to a single planet and survive if left to Gods control, but under the control of Satan they fail.

And so the dinosaur age died because of Satan’s interference. In Isa. 14:16-17 we read that it is Satan that screwed up things in this universe and specifically earth. God made all things perfect. But Satan in his arrogance wanted to be like the most high. So God allowed him to try his luck with the dumb animals in the dino world. Satan messed it all up not only for the dinosaurs but he screwed up the entire universe.

Now for a quick brief on history here. God gave the angels the same choice that he gives each of us, and that is to come back to God, repenting of their failures and recognize that they were rather dumb in this universe. How do we know this? Because God is faithful, and is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is fair. He must have given the angels the same chance that he gives us.

One third of the angel population refused to change, and two-thirds sided with God. At some appointed time God stopped and issued His decision, and sentenced Satan and his group to the lake of fire. This of course has not yet occurred. Satan and Devil are both terms which refer to an accuser, a litigator, like in a court of law, so by inference we know that Satan has appealed the decision of God. Thus we have human history. And here we are. Which is to resolve once and for all the angelic conflict.





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