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Ephesians 1:5



5 Having
[proorizo] us [hemas] unto [eis] the adoption of children [huiothesia] by [dia] Jesus [Iesous] Christ [Christos] to [eis] himself, [autos] according [kata] to the good pleasure [eudokia] of his [autos] will, [thelema] KJV-Interlinear


5 He
predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according
to the kind intention of His will, NASB








Ephesians 1:5




Predestined, ‘proorizo,’ means to set bounds before, to pre-determine, to limit in advance, to determine before, to ordain. This comes to mean that God did not make His decision at the time of an event, but made his decision within the scope of His rules and policy, prior to the event.

For example, we have already studied the Tribulation. That is a period of seven years that will occur at some point in the future. We know that during those years, there will be a great deal of antagonism toward God, great judgments, great adversity, that many will believe and many will not.

God did not decide who would or would not believe. Those folks in that future time will make those decisions. But God predetermined that, for those who would believe, they would be saved, and for those who would reject Him, there would be judgments and so forth.

We know that in eternity past, God set out all of his policies, long before anything or anyone existed. Without interfering with anyone’s free will decision, God has set up a policy and process for salvation, for blessing and for judgment, whichever is appropriate for each individual.

Here, however, we are not speaking of salvation, but adoption. And more specifically adoption as firstborn sons, Jn. 1:12, Rom. 8:15. And that concept is extremely important.

Children, ‘huiothesia,’ means sons within this context, for it is to the purpose of inheritance that this relationship was obtained.

As children of this world, we are all, no exceptions, born orphans into this world. Sin made us that way. Having believed in Christ, we are adopted into Gods family and now belong to Him, but as adopted children.

In any regular sense an adopted child may or may not enjoy the benefits of a family relationship as would naturally born children of the family. However, good families when adopting, will bring their new children into the family with all of the benefits just as though they were born naturally into that family.

And this is what God does for us. But more than that, we are not only adopted into Gods family, but are given the benefits and expectations of a first born son. Your earthly gender has nothing to do with this concept. This applies to both male and female believer alike.

Historically, when a parent leaves their estate to their children, the first born son receives a double portion and the remaining children receive a single portion if anything. The parent does not have to die before the estate is distributed. Often times the parents will simply retire and let the kids take over the business or whatever it is that they have.

But too, the first born male child is not necessarily the recipient of the double portion. They can turn out to be jerks, irresponsible in life and so forth, and thus lose their portion to a younger child who steps into their rightful place, which they lost.

Jacob and Esau, and even Joseph are two examples of this change of inheritance policy, wherein the first born did not receive the inheritance or the double portion.

By Jesus to himself, means that this process of entering into Gods family did not occur by any means other than through Christ. Faith in Christ is the only path into Gods family.

According to the pleasure of His will, means that God decided this not based on man or mans decisions. Man did not earn nor deserve this status. God decided in eternity past, and God alone decided this policy, that when someone believed in Christ, then they would be added to His very own family and consequently share in His estate. Now God owns everything that exists in this universe and beyond. God can create a new universe even better than this one and He will, so the estate of God, is vast beyond imagination.

If you were to inherit even an equal share of this universe, you would possess a few galaxies and there would still be an infinite number of galaxies remaining. So, needless to say, the stakes of inheritance are phenomenal and beyond even that. Most people cannot even grasp that concept. Unfortunately most ignore it.

However, this is a potential and we all need to understand even that.

First one has to believe in Christ. That should be obvious.

But next remember that the rest of the Bible still applies. There are still many parables and principles that apply to ones potential reward. Spiritual growth to maturity applies, and the lack of it likewise means loss of blessings. Imagine your potential inheritance being several galaxies, and losing them all just because you refuse to discipline yourself to a daily study as well as refusing to apply all of the expected obligations to yourself that God expects. None of which are burdens of any kind on yourself.

Far too many folks even if they apply biblical principles to their life, fail because they fail in life’s responsibilities themselves. Whatever your role or choices are or have been in life, you took on responsibilities and you cannot simply walk away from them.

Why did God do all of this? So that you could be an heir, but more than that, so you could be the highest qualified and honored heir, receiving the greater portion.

Gods estate is vast and there is room for innumerable numbers of first born status heirs. You could be one of them (winner), or you could not be one (loser). That totally depends on your attitude toward your spiritual life and your compliance with Gods spiritual growth process and your adherence to His mandates and expectations.

Don’t be a stubborn fool, and lose it all over some petty worldly thing or things.





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