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Last month, early April,  I wrote a study briefly addressing the covid-19 pandemic that is currently attacking the world, and listed the history of other pandemics for the last couple of thousand years. 


Now it is mid-May, 2020, and that pandemic had spread to all corners of the world and more information about the virus is coming out.


But instead of addressing the virus, I want to look at the pandemic from the Christian perspective, with respect to the historical trends that occur in our dispensation, the Church Age and the eschatology of what this means for the future.


As you know, our dispensation began at Pentecost, around 33 A.D. and has been ongoing for the last 1,987 years (2020-33).


Our dispensation was an interruption of the dispensation called the Age of Israel, and will continue until the Rapture, which will occur at some future date.  Once the Rapture occurs, then the Age of Israel will resume with its final seven years.  Those seven years are called the Tribulation.


So the timeline looks like this:


[—-Age of Israel —-(—–Church Age—–)—–Tribulation—–] Second Advent of Christ-Millennium Begins


Our current dispensation was inserted into and interrupted the Age of Israel dispensation.


There is a complete chart of the dispensations for all of human history in the Charts Library.


Anyway, the point of this is that our dispensation is one of an age of historical trends.  We have no prophecies within our dispensation except for the concluding event which is the Rapture.  All events that occur in our dispensation are historical examples of what occurs in history and how all human plans ultimately fail, as well as the assembly of all of the pieces of history that are needed to come together for Gods plan to work.


Our dispensation has seen the fall of the Roman Empire, the chaos that ensued in the Dark Ages, the spread of peoples fleeing to frontiers in order to escape atrocities and find opportunities, the revival of knowledge, arts, technology, and so forth, and tremendous growth in population, science, etc.


This recent pandemic is an example of how fragile human life really is and the ultimate plans that man comes up with, in order to deal with it.


What have we seen thus far?  In China, people are required to carry their smart phones, have an app on their phone to be able to scan a QR code whenever they go someplace, scan the code when they enter and leave a bus or taxi or building, etc.  Such that if there is a resurgence of the virus, then the government can trace it and track down who might have been exposed.  That app comes with color codes, green, yellow, red.  Green if you are ok, yellow if you have been near a covid person, and red if you might have it.  That all affects your ability, and/or your permission to leave your home.


Likewise, in America and the rest of the world, voluntary apps are being developed for smart phones, to help people track other people who might have had or do have the virus.


All well and good if these systems are properly used.  But, of course, we all know that evil people can and will abuse this power of tracking people.


The next issue is rationing.  When this pandemic was coming to light, grocery stores quickly ran out of food and toilet paper and such, which led to many stores limiting how many of an item could be purchased.  This was a voluntary rationing approach followed by stores.


Rationing has a history back in world war one and two, when certain items of food and fuel were rationed.  In Poland for example, ration stamps were issued.  You had to have a ration stamp in order to buy certain items.  If you did not have your ration stamps, then you could not get certain things.  Unfortunately, some people did not get their stamps, lost their stamps, had their stamps stolen and they went hungry or went without certain items.


The next issue, income.  During this pandemic, people were asked to remain home in order to slow down or prevent the spread of the virus.  And that is ok, but people still have to eat, and pay bills, so the government here in the US, sent or is sending, payments to people to help in that regard.


The only problem is that the payment structure is so massive that people have to wait for the money, and some are still waiting.  In the meantime, they still have to eat, pay rent and utilities and so forth.  That leads to stress and worry for many other emotional problems. The unemployment system is so overloaded and government seems to have archaic systems and procedures, that people are waiting and waiting and waiting for their unemployment benefits, and in too many cases, applications are being filed with no response from the government, so that a person simply does not know where their application is in the process, or if it was even received, or is lost, or overlooked.  And so people wait for something that they do not know when it will come through, or even if it is moving through the process.


The next issue is China and the apparent dependence the world has on them with regard to many medical supplies and other products that they seem to be making a lot of for the world.


The next issue is the corruption that is more and more apparent within the news reporting industry. The bias and false news, and slanted and often misstated news is tilted in favor of politics rather than in truth reporting.


And so, we live in an age that has taken the entire world by storm, and rather quickly.


In December, before all of this virus stuff came to light, the world was on a very productive and prosperous path, then in January and February, everything began crashing down.  Within just a month or two, the world has stumbled into this pandemic that has shut down economies and life in general.


Thankfully we have not seen huge disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, massive storms, worldwide, that would make this pandemic far, far worse.


But, remember too, that we live in the devils world, and there is a spiritual timetable, which Christ controls, and of which we have been given many examples or warnings, reminding us that this is not our world, nor our mans-plan destiny to control.


We are nearing the end of our dispensation. The last and final sign of the end is the massive apostasy that will take over humanity, and then will be the end, or the Rapture.


Once that event occurs, then the Rapture will occur, and only God knows that date and moment of the Rapture.


Then in the Tribulation, all of these bad things will begin to take over with greater ferocity.


We are living the examples now, but for those who refuse to believe in Christ, and/or refuse to focus on their spiritual life, then those collective decisions of humanity will being on the apostasy and the end of our dispensation. 


When that occurs, then people who remain behind, all unbelievers, will see and live and die through the greatest terrors that history has ever seen.


Today we see thousands dying due to the virus, and we see the many inconveniences that this pandemic has caused, but in the Tribulation, literally half of the worlds population will actually die during the first three-and-a-half years of the Tribulation.  At that future time, government incompetence and news corruption, finding food, or waiting for a paycheck that will never come, will be the least of everyone’s worries.


Jesus Christ controls history.  This pandemic will run its course, but more important, is how will everyone look at life, at Christ, and at the greater truths and purposes of what is really happening.


Believe in Christ, so you are not a part of the evil timeline that has and will take charge of this world.


Confess your sins on a regular basis so that your spiritual life, and not your sin nature, will be in control of your life.  Confession – God the Father, I did this and that, and this and that.


Study on a regular basis so as to enhance and advance in your spiritual life.


Most of the world will not take this advice, and will run itself, by itself, over the cliff of self-annihilation.


You can take this advice, and have better for yourself, despite what the world does.  So, you have this ability to control your own personal destiny simply by making the right decisions.  Or you can do what everyone else seems to be doing and jump off the proverbial cliff.




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