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We are currently in a pandemic due to the corona virus which seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere, in late 2019.  As of early April, of 2020, the infections that have been recorded worldwide have exceeded one million and the deaths have exceeded over 70,000 and are still climbing.


When this pandemic will end, no one knows.  Hopefully a vaccine will be developed soon, so that this virus can be brought under control and thus limiting its impact in the future.


We have faced pandemics before in history.  Take a look at the Pandemic Timeline chart on the charts menu, and you will see the history of pandemics going all the way back to the time before Christ (BC).


The most recent pandemic was the swine flu in 2008, which caused nearly 500,000 deaths.


Prior to that the SARS pandemic and Bird Flu had relatively few deaths.  Just a few hundred died worldwide.


1968 the Hong Kong Flu caused over one million deaths.

1957 the Asian Flu caused over four million deaths.

1918, the Spanish Flu caused over a hundred million deaths.

1889, Russian Flu, one million deaths.

1875, Fiji measles, forty thousand deaths.

1855, the third Bubonic Plague, fifteen million deaths.

1817, Cholera Plague, 150,000 deaths.

1665, London Bubonic Plague, killed 20 percent of the London population.

Early 1500’s, Smallpox, Measles, killed about 90 percent of the indigenous population in the America’s.

1300’s, Bubonic Plague, killed nearly a third of the European population.

1000, Leprosy Plague, death toll unknown.

500, Justinian Plague, killed nearly one-fourth of the population in the Middle East.

250, Cyprian Plague, ravaged North Africa and Italy.

165, Antonine Plague, ravaged the Roman Empire

430 B.C., Athens Plague, ravaged North Africa and Greece.


There are probably other cultures that have suffered pandemics, around the world in history, but none have had the impact on the entire planet, as compared to the current pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic.


Is it bad?  Yes. 

Is it the end of the world? No.


And why is this not the end?

Because we are in the Church Age, and our age is not the final era of history.

Recall from the Revelation study, that our dispensation, the Church Age, also called the Age of the Royal Family of God, also called the Age of the Bride of Christ, also known as the End Times, began about 33 A.D.

We are now in the year 2020.  Our dispensation has been continuing along for over 1987 years and counting.


Our dispensation will continue until the Rapture, and then the final seven years, known as the Tribulation, or the Final Days, will commence.


Our Age, End Times, is a dispensation of historical trends.


During our dispensation, the population of humanity has spread around the entire world. The gospel has spread to all corners of the world.  We have seen pandemics, world wars, increases in knowledge and so forth.  But the end of the world was never scheduled to occur during our dispensation.


What has occurred during these End Times, are historical trends, or examples of the many elements in human life that will increase dramatically as we near the end of our dispensation.

Rapid increases in population, science, technology, earthquakes, will surge ahead at phenomenal rates, which is one of the trends and indicators that we are nearing the end of our dispensation.


The final increase will be the Great Apostasy, that will cap off or be aligned with the end of our dispensation. That end will be the Rapture.


The Great Apostasy will be unique at the end of our age.

There have been many apostasy times, followed by sufferings of many kinds, but in the past, people repented, looked to God, and the sufferings ended.


But in the final Great Apostasy, people will not look to God, and that will mean that a dispensation change will have to occur bringing about tremendous sufferings, in order to change the minds of the many stubbornly unrepentant people in the world.


But no one knows, when the Rapture will occur.  We only have indicators that point to the nearing of the end of our dispensation.


And, when the Rapture does occur, then the Tribulation will start and all of the historical trends that we have seen in history, will repeat with far greater magnitude during those final seven years, making those final seven years the absolute most severe and worst sufferings, and hardships, and crime, and evil, and deaths, ever.


Such that nearly ninety-nine percent of the entire world population will die by the end of those seven years.


But we are not there, now.


What we have now is a pandemic, one that is bringing the entire world to a near halt.  A spiritual warning shot across bow of our earth ship.


As for my country, the United States, at the turn of the century around 1900 A.D., well over 90 percent of the population was Christian.


By World War Two, that percentage had dropped to around 80 percent.


Today, in 2020, that percent seems to have dropped to about 50 percent.  Just barely enough to keep some semblance of sanity in politics and society.  But as time goes on, that Christian percentage will continue to fall, here, just as it has fallen much more around the world.


Now, none of us can change the course of history.  God has already written what is coming.  God is not causing it.  People are doing it to themselves, with their indifference toward Christ and Bible doctrine.


But what you can do, is correct your own spiritual state, by believing in Christ, by confessing on a regular basis, by engaging in a daily bible study, and thus advancing in your own spiritual life, and preparing yourself for the next life in eternity.  While simultaneously, stabilizing your current life, in this world, now.


Wars will come and go.  Crime will come and go.  Illnesses will come and go.  All manner of bad things will come and go.  This is the devils world.


The only real question is, what will it take to get your attention, and cause you to change your attitude toward Christ and doctrine.


When our dispensation does finally end, then that generation of people will be the most defiant and stubborn against Christ and doctrine, and it will take literally then, the end of the world, to get them to repent.


So, is this pandemic enough to get people (you) to change, or will the world (you) need even more or greater incentives to bring them (you) to their (your) senses?




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