COVID-19 (part 3)

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COVID-19 (part 3)



Covid-19, Part 3


Ever since the covid pandemic began, one of the more intriguing questions has been, is this the end of the world.  And the answer is of course, no.

But there is the possibility that the lessons being learned are pointing to how the end of our dispensation is going to play out.

Throughout our dispensation, the Church Age, which began way back in about 34 A.D., we have seen many historical trends occur, all of which have been examples of the more dramatic problems that will actually occur in the Tribulation, when it eventually happens.

One important thing to remember is that our dispensation is here for the development of the Church, among other things.

There is a conflict between Heaven and Earth.

Christ rules in Heaven and Satan is the ruler of this earth.

During the conflict between the two, when problems occur, Christ guides the world through the problems to solutions or corrections in history through the raising of great people, or nations, or even providing an outlet like frontiers to where people can go to escape the problems.

Eventually, when the problems become so great and when there is no means of correcting or escaping the problems, then that is when Christ will withdraw all ambassadors from this earth, thus declaring war.  That withdrawal is what we refer to as the Rapture of the Church.  We are all ambassadors in Christ.

So what is occurring now, has to be viewed in the overall plan which Christ has already described in the Bible as the end times.  Our Church Age is in its entirety, the End Times.  We are now 1,986 years, (2020-34), into the End Times.

Since our dispensation has no specific prophecies, except for the Rapture, the historical trends that have been referenced to, is all that we have to go on, as to knowing how and, or when our dispensation will end.

Christ has stated that the signs will be obvious, such as in the rapid and accelerated rise in world population, rapid and accelerated rise in science knowledge, innovation, technology and such things, the increasing rise in earthquakes and storms and such.

There are a few more signs such as the existence of the nation of Israel in the Tribulation, which of course meant that it had to become a nation again sometime either before the Tribulation or at the very beginning of the Tribulation, and that question has already been answered when it was established as a nation back in 1948.

As to the Temple, in Jerusalem, which is now a mosque, it will be rebuilt and dedicated at the mid-point of the Tribulation.  When and how it will change from a mosque is still an unanswered question.

But when it is all said and done, the last and final sign of our dispensation will be the Great Apostasy, and that gets us to the way things are now.

Never before has the world drifted politically left, far left, into socialism.  And that is the whole world, not just Europe or Asia, where socialism has been around for many years, even decades, but here in the United States.

This last election has revealed the tremendous bias in a left minded main news media, in the left minded internet social media, in the extreme censorship of truth, in the political changes that most probably will occur that will change our constitution, to a point such that recovery back to the truth, and away from the problems that go along with socialism, will be difficult to achieve.

So, as the next generation grows up and embraces the lies and deceptions of the political left, then moderates and conservatives alike will become a minority, and one would think that this is indeed the end, or the pattern of how the end will come about for our dispensation.

Is there going to be a way out?  Only if people or society on the whole turn to God, as the problems of the world grow.  But with the media, and politics, and celebrities all united against truth, that leaves little hope for people to actually see the source of the problems and find the truth with regard to Christ.

So, assuming that this is the pattern, then can it change?  Probably not.

Revelation has stated that the end has been written, and thus it cannot be changed.  Why?  Because people will be driving everything in that direction, by means of their own volition and choices.

The Great Apostasy, is, in itself, going to be far worse than any pandemic.  The current pandemic seems to be providing the means and catalyst for apostasy, rather than repentance toward God and Christ.  And that is the pattern of how the apostasy is going to play out and drive the world to its end.

The only question is then, how bad will things have to get, and for how long, before Christ pulls the plug and recalls all of His people to Him, in the Rapture.


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