Birth-Age of Planet Earth – 1 – Does it Matter

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A note from John:

I found this article (see below),  written by Dennis Lindsay.  It is 34 chapters in length, and chapters comprise volume 8 of an apparent larger series.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and such book places.  Only a single chapter is viewed in this post.

It has some pretty good science which thoroughly disproves Evolution. but tends to look at the Creationism view, which ignores several important scriptures and the obvious.  It does come close to the correct Biblical view of creation, but not quit.

Remember that there are three basic views of creation:

  1. Evolution – where creation and life formed over a period of billions of years.
  2. Creationism – where creation all occurred during the six days mentioned in Genesis.
  3. Fundamental Christianity (the correct view) – where creation occurred, with angels first, then the universe, then Satan’s fall, then the earth became null and void, then the six day restoration of earth.

The text of this writing below, suggests that the universe was created about 6000 years ago.  The proofs are compelling for disputing evolution, but not from the point of creation, but from the point of the restoration and/or the flood in Noah’s time.

Fundamental Christian doctrine teaches that angels were created, then the universe was created, then Satan had his falling out and the earth was rendered null and void, then the six day restoration occurred wherein Adam was created as an adult and mature man.

Since the angels were created instantaneously as mature creatures, and Adam and plants and animals were created in the same pattern, it follows that the universe was likewise created in a mature state and did not evolve over billions of years.   So the question is, ‘How old is the universe?  Is its age measured in billions of years or thousands of years?’

We know that when planet earth was created it came with plants and animals.  Dinosaurs are proof of this fact.  But their age is uncertain.  When they disappeared, then that fits in with the earth becoming null and void.  God then restored the world in six days and thus we have human history beginning at that point.  Therefore, as you read this article, consider the dating suggestions as coming from the restoration and/or the Flood, and not as the actual original beginning.

Genealogical records from the Bible, place the date of Adam at about 6000 plus years ago.  Prior to Adam, was the null and void period (time-frame unknown), and prior to that was the fall of Satan (time-frame unknown), and prior to that was the creation of the universe (time-frame unknown).

The actual age of the universe is probably not in the billions of years, assuming the mature state of its creation, but since God is fair and since angels had their chance and failed, then it would seem reasonable that angelic history would be at least as long as human history, otherwise Satan would complain that the comparison was not fair, and besides, God does not do things arbitrarily or without a plan.  Therefore, angelic history and dinosaurs and such could easily have completed their history in a few thousands of years (prior to man), too.  Food for thought.

Birth of Planet Earth  –  By Dennis Gordon Lindsay

Does It Really Matter?

Why are the birth of the Earth and the age of the universe so important? Aren’t the issues of alcoholism, AIDS, abortion, drug addiction, pornography, crime and divorce far more significant?

Certainly society today has grave problems. What few people recognize, however, is that these problems are the evil outgrowth of the diabolical lies which society has been brainwashed to believe. We have been spoon-fed the lie that man is a product of millions of years of a slow and gradual process called evolution. It sounds so reasonable and has been taught by such reputable and educated men that many believe it must be the truth. However, this lie has destroyed the foundation of God’s Word in our society and has opened the door for every kind of evil.

Evolutionists claim that death and decay existed billions of years before man ever set foot on this planet. This volume will expose the myth of an ancient Earth and explain why Satan has so unrelentlessly seen to it that this lie be propagated. If the Earth were billions of years old as evolutionists claim, then the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be of no value. For the Good News is that Jesus came to restore the broken relationship between God and man by dying for man’s sin. According to Romans 5:12, it was the fall of man which brought about physical death and decay to all life on this planet. The record of fossils found buried deep within the layers of the Earth gives testimony to death, decay and struggle.

If each layer of the Earth represents millions of years, then Jesus came to the wrong planet and His mission was a mistake. Death, then, was not a result of sin, but simply a result of natural selection—a slow and gradual process which supposedly directs evolution to occur.

If physical death was not a result of man’s sin as scripture states, then there is no need to repent, no need for a Savior. The Bible contains error and therefore cannot be trusted. The Atonement—Christ dying to restore all creation including the broken relationship between man and his Creator—is nothing more than a nice religious myth.

Can you see the importance of the creation issue? That is why this volume is dedicated to revealing the overwhelming evidence in favor of a very young creation. This study will also enhance the readers’ understanding of the amazing supernatural power of a living God Who rules and reigns over His creation, yesterday, today and forever.