Birth-Age of Planet Earth – 0 – Introduction

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A note from John:

I found this article (see below),  written by Dennis Lindsay.  It is 34 chapters in length, and chapters comprise volume 8 of an apparent larger series.  You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and such book places.  Only a single chapter is viewed in this post.

It has some pretty good science which thoroughly disproves Evolution. but tends to look at the Creationism view, which ignores several important scriptures and the obvious.  It does come close to the correct Biblical view of creation, but not quit.

Remember that there are three basic views of creation:

  1. Evolution – where creation and life formed over a period of billions of years.
  2. Creationism – where creation all occurred during the six days mentioned in Genesis.
  3. Fundamental Christianity (the correct view) – where creation occurred, with angels first, then the universe, then Satan’s fall, then the earth became null and void, then the six day restoration of earth.

The text of this writing below, suggests that the universe was created about 6000 years ago.  The proofs are compelling for disputing evolution, but not from the point of creation, but from the point of the restoration and/or the flood in Noah’s time.

Fundamental Christian doctrine teaches that angels were created, then the universe was created, then Satan had his falling out and the earth was rendered null and void, then the six day restoration occurred wherein Adam was created as an adult and mature man.

Since the angels were created instantaneously as mature creatures, and Adam and plants and animals were created in the same pattern, it follows that the universe was likewise created in a mature state and did not evolve over billions of years.   So the question is, ‘How old is the universe?  Is its age measured in billions of years or thousands of years?’

We know that when planet earth was created it came with plants and animals.  Dinosaurs are proof of this fact.  But their age is uncertain.  When they disappeared, then that fits in with the earth becoming null and void.  God then restored the world in six days and thus we have human history beginning at that point.  Therefore, as you read this article, consider the dating suggestions as coming from the restoration and/or the Flood, and not as the actual original beginning.

Genealogical records from the Bible, place the date of Adam at about 6000 plus years ago.  Prior to Adam, was the null and void period (time-frame unknown), and prior to that was the fall of Satan (time-frame unknown), and prior to that was the creation of the universe (time-frame unknown).

The actual age of the universe is probably not in the billions of years, assuming the mature state of its creation, but since God is fair and since angels had their chance and failed, then it would seem reasonable that angelic history would be at least as long as human history, otherwise Satan would complain that the comparison was not fair, and besides, God does not do things arbitrarily or without a plan.  Therefore, angelic history and dinosaurs and such could easily have completed their history in a few thousands of years (prior to man), too.  Food for thought.

Birth of Planet Earth  –  By Dennis Gordon Lindsay


Questions, Questions, Questions

How old is the Earth? What is the age of the universe? Is the Earth billions of years old? Isn’t it a bit absurd that some Christians suggest the Bible claims that creation or restoration took place only about 6,000 years ago? Are there really scores of ways to show that the Earth and the universe are very young? Don’t carbon-14 dating and other types of radioactive dating methods prove that the Earth is billions of years old? What is radiometric dating? Doesn’t light coming from distant stars prove that the universe is far older than 6,000 years? Is the speed of light slowing down? Weren’t rocks which the American astronauts brought back from the moon billions of years old, as was reported by the media and in scientific journals? How did the Apollo II moon landing baffle the evolutionists concerning the age of the moon?

How is it that live penguins, seals and mollusks have been dated as having been dead thousands of years? How did a California whale found on its tail give support for the concept of a young Earth? How do the basement rocks of the Earth discredit the theory of an ancient Earth? How do evolutionists use circular reasoning in their attempts to prove the age of fossils as millions of years? Where are all the multitudes of people that should be here if man has been walking on the Earth for a million years?

These and other questions will be answered in this volume and in the following volume of the Creation Science Series, which addresses the dating of fossils, rocks and bones. This volume will focus on the evidences which testify for a young creation while  Volume IX, entitled The Dismantling of Evolutionism’s Sacred Cow, zeroes in on the fallacies of radiometric dating. This volume will include 30 clocks which indicate creation is a recent event. They are as follows:

  1. A Whale on its tale Formation occurred suddenly
  2. Lunar Dust 6,000 years
  3. Lunar mountain erosion Several thousands of years
  4. Solar Sweeper 10,000 years maximum
  5. The shrinking sun 1 million years maximum
  6. The bulging Earth 500,000 years maximum
  7. The receding moon 1 million years maximum
  8. The magnetic Earth 10,000 years maximum
  9. The Earth’s core 10,000 years maximum
10. The oceans’ elements:
a. 29 elements 10,000 years or less
b. 8 elements 100,000 years or less
11. Coral formations 5,000 years
12. River deltas 4,500 years
13. Ocean sediments 100,000 years maximum
14. Niagara Falls 5,000 years
15. Mountain erosion 14 million years maximum
16. Soil production 10,000 years
17. Oil pressure 10,000 years maximum
18. Meteorite matter A few thousand years
19. The redwoods 5,000 years
20. Cave formations A few thousand years
21. Radiohalos Instant creation
22. Comets 10,000 years maximum
23. Hot planets A few thousand years
24. Saturn’s rings A few thousand years
25. Hot ringed planets A few thousand years
26. Hot stars A few thousand years max.
27. Sirius B A few thousand years
28. Galaxy clusters 2–4 million years
29. M.I.T. and evolutionism 10 billion years not enough
30. Population statistics 5,000 years