Job 25:4

4 How then can man [‘enowsh] be justified [tsadaq] with
[‘el]? or how can he be clean [zakah] that is born [yalad] of a
[‘ishshah]? KJV-Interlinear

4 ‘How then can a man be just
with God? Or how can he be clean who is
born of woman? NASB




Job 25:4

Bildad is not asking questions with which he expects
an answer, his remarks are rhetorical.
Bildad is commenting on a subject that everyone knows the answer to

Bildad has heard Jobs remarks, but what he heard was
Job proposing that he make his appeal to God directly. And that is not what Job had in mind at
all. Bildad simply did not listen.

But what Bildad has to say here is of the utmost
importance to all of humanity.

What is the fundamental truth in life? What is the most important matter that
affects everyone, regardless of color, culture, gender, height, weight, talent,
social status, and so forth? What is it
that affects everyone who has or who will ever live?

There is God, who is life, and there is man who is the
created being.

Between the two is a giant barrier, an impenetrable
barrier, which cannot be overcome by man on his own.

The first layer of that barrier is sin. Everyone who has ever lived, has sinned. No person, has ever, nor will ever live a
life apart from sin, Rom. 3:23. The
humanity of Jesus Christ is of course the single and only exception.

The second layer of the barrier is the penalty for
sin. And death is that penalty, Rom.
6:23. Death is a separation. In this case, it is a separation from God who
is life, and when you are separated from life, then your face eternal death.

The third layer of the barrier is mans physical
birth. Man is born of woman. Mans physical origin is in the dust of the
earth. Adam was formed from the dust of
the ground. This is a genetic reference
to his biological life. Through his
biological life, the human race is perpetuated.
Man is born physically alive, but spiritually dead, Eph. 2:1.

The fourth layer of the barrier is mans relative righteousness. No matter how goodie-two-shoes you might be,
no matter how squeaky clean you might think your life is, mans righteousnesses
are no better than filthy dirty used and never washed menstrual rags, Isa.

The fifth layer of the barrier is the character of
God. God is infinite. Man is finite. God is all powerful. Man is nothing. God is life.
Man is dust and nothing more. Man
can never hope to rise to the level of Gods perfection, Rom. 3:12.

The sixth layer of the barrier is mans position in
Adam. In Adam all die. Man by being descended from Adam shares in
his failure in the Garden. Mans
spiritual existence was placed in jeopardy and mans life span was limited, 1
Cor. 15:22.

How can man approach God? How can man strip off his human heritage? On his own, he cannot.

In order to have anything more than eternal death, man
needs help from outside of his own realm.
His own realm includes the invention of religion, discoveries in
science, reasoned beliefs, and so forth.
In all of these, man invents conclusions from the source of his own
imagination. None of them are real, and
therefore none of them have any real power or solution.

There is only one real power, only one real solution,
only one God and Savior, and that is Jesus Christ. He is the only truth. Jesus Christ is the only common enemy of all
religion, cult, politics, beliefs and philosophy invented by man, by either
rejecting Him or ignoring Him or substituting something or someone else.





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